Old Bill of the Order Awards

The Old Bill of the Order is appointed annually by the Full National Executive. The position is an honorary position, and the holder of this award, may be invited to take the chair at the Annual General Meeting of MOTH General Headquarters. On completion of his term of office as Old Bill of the Order , he may continue to wear the precious metal badge (Gold Tin Hat), for the rest of his life.


Old Bill of the Order – James Stoffberg

Moth James Stoffberg joined the M.O.T.H. in April 1977 when he was inducted into Four Corner Shellhole in Port Elizabeth as one of the early ‘Border Boys’ to join the Order.

In 1982 he became the Shellhole Old Bill of Four Corner and remained in that position until 1986 when he had to leave that position to take up his new task of being the District Old Bill of the then Port Elizabeth District Dugout. He remained as District Old Bill until 1988. In 1989 he was elected as Deputy Old Bill of the then Winston Churchill Provincial Dugout (Cape Eastern) until 1991 at which time he became the Provincial Old Bill of Winston Churchill Provincial Dugout. He remained in that position until 1994. Moth James was awarded the Certificate of Comradeship in 1994 and the Certificate of Excellent Service in 1999.

During his term as the Deputy Provincial Old Bill, he became a member of Prince Alfred Shellhole after the closure of Four Corner Shellhole, where he remained until 2007.

Moth James was elected onto the National Executive in 1999 and remained a dedicated member of that Executive until for health reasons, he stepped down in 2016. While Moth James was serving on the National Executive, he was awarded the Certificate of Merit in 2007.

During his term on the National Executive, he witnessed the selling of the P. E. MOTH Club in Bird Street which led to his Shellhole Old Bill deciding to close Prince Alfred Shellhole. It was then in 2007 that he joined Comrades Shellhole, now known as Comrades Algoa Shellhole.

Moth James was always involved with something to do with the MOTH and has always been willing to serve on other committees such as the MESCA Port Elizabeth Unit and as Pay Bill of Comrades Algoa Shellhole.

On numerous occasions the Provincial Dugout have called on James for assistance and guidance with his vast wealth of experience in matters relating to the MOTH. He has never failed to come forward with that assistance. Until his health really got too much for him he used to travel with the Provincial Dugout to all the Districts and the outlying Shellholes that were visited by the Dugout. His dedication to the MOTH has made him a well-known figure within the Province, with many a question being asked after his well-being.

When the Eastern Cape Province was formed with the amalgamation of Border & Transkei and the Cape Eastern, James was always there with his hands-on approach assisting with the procedures that had to implemented right from the negotiation stages. The outcome of this exercise resulted in the formation of four Districts within the Province.

Southern Kwazulu Natal Provincial Dugout had James as their mentor and this task he took to heart, and as with everything else James does, he did it with great diligence and gave his 100% always.

Moth James has also had his share of dealing with the overseeing, and or, advising on various disciplinary committees all over the Country during his tenure in Senior Office. He has always carried out those tasks with the utmost diligence and upholding the integrity of the MOTH was, and is always, foremost in every aspect of James’s duties.

It is for these reasons the Eastern Cape Provincial Dugout Proudly nominate Moth James Benjamin Carl Stoffberg as the Old Bill of our Order for 2017 / 2018.

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J. Stoffberg 2017/2018 Eastern Cape Durban