Vacancy for National Secretary

National Secretary Retirement.

Moth Pegram has applied for early retirement on medical grounds with effect from 30 September 2017 and National Executive are seeking a replacement for this post.

The requirements for this post are briefly as follows:




The National Secretary must be a Moth in good standing, have served in an executive capacity in the MOTH, and as such must be fully conversant with the MOTH. General Standing Orders and Constitution, as well as the Standard Operating   Procedures.

The National Secretary must have an unblemished record of service as a Moth, with a length of service of at least five years.

As the Duties of the National Secretary will include Financial Administrative functions,

he/she   must  have an unblemished personal record in terms of their personal financial affairs; in  that  regard,  they must not have ever been  convicted of any criminal offence, declared insolvent or presently be under financial administration.  Additionally they must be in good physical and mental health, with no debilitating conditions; It would be a considerable advantage for the National Secretary to be under the age of 65 years, allowing the expectation of serving for an extended period.

  1. Must be fully Bi-lingual in English and Afrikaans.
  1. Must be resident in Durban or immediate surrounding areas, and have own transport.
  1. Must be computer-literate, with abilities in the use of Windows applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.  Must be conversant with physical inter-connection Practices   and   protocols for office networking using printers, hubs etc.  Must maintain currency   of   office computing equipment in terms of software packages/licences.   The nominal roll database is currently being re-engineered, and competency with    that   software as it is developed will be a definite requirement in due course. Knowledge of the MOTH website will be an advantage.
  1. Should have experience in the use of the PASTEL Partner accounting or similar packages, and be adequately skilled in general accounting practices.
  1. Must have knowledge of the provisions of national legislation, must be able to study it and use it as a reference, in particular the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Labour Relations Act and the Occupational Health, Safety and  Environment Act.
  1. In addition to his designated duties as per his/her   Post, the National Secretary will also serve as the de facto Office manager, taking instructions from, and reporting to the National Executive;   He/she will   be responsible for the day-to-day general Administration and control of the MOTH Office Staff and the maintenance of the smooth operating of the Office.

This person must be of neat appearance, a ‘diplomat’ and may have to represent the ORDER at Local Authorities, Government Departments and the Public in general.

Applications including CVs and any supporting documentation must be made to the MOTH Office by 31 August 2017 to e-mail [email protected]

Yours in True Comradeship,




Moth 90th DVD’s

If you are a looking for memorable set of photos as well as a slide show of the Durban Moth 90th, contact Barry Roper on

[email protected] Please don’t WhatsApp, sms, Facebook a request. Only use the email address.

These are available on 2 x DVD’s (R100 for postage via PostNet)



Savanah Shellhole Moth Clothing

Moth Savannah Shellhole can supply MOTH formal clothing, eg  long /short sleeve white shirts, jerseys or casual, casual clothing such as caps, T-shirts, golf shirts. All clothing is good quality and GHG Approved.


Click here  for the Savannah Shellhole Moth Clothing Order Form and catalogue..

Name Badges

IMG_2575GHQ approved name badges for blazers and summer dress
Pin R30.00 (Ideal for Blazer)
Magnet R35.00 (Ideal for Summer dress)

Email Savannah Shellhole [email protected] or [email protected] with the names and whether it is a pin or magnet is required.

Delivery and payment options will be discussed with applicant with every order.

Old Bill Busts

Dickie Fritz Shellhole commissioned Mike Franks to cast some Old Bill Statues from original statues that we have in our Sanctuary.
The purpose of this is to raise much needed funds for the maintenance and upgrading of our MESCA cottages at the Dickie Fritz Complex.

The Old Bill replicas are cast in resin and finished with a bronzed effect.(please refer to pictures)
There are 3 types of Old Bill busts:

Old Bill Bust R250.00 Approx (h) 20cm x (l) 15cm x (w) 14cm
Old Bill Desk Mounted R180.00 Approx (h) 25cm x (l) 22cm x (w) 9cm
Old Bill Wall Hanging R160.00 Approx (h) 16cm x (l) 15cm x (w) 3,5cm
Old Bill Bust Side
Old Bill Bust Side
Old Bill Hanging
Old Bill Hanging
Old Bill Desk Mount
Old Bill Desk Mount
Old Bill Bust Front
Old Bill Bust Front

Click Here for an order form.

Please forward your completed order for to Fax number 086 573-3457 or email to: [email protected] or contact Jorge on 083 226-6467

Moth Office Supplies

CD`s and DVD`s of Warriors Gate Plaques and R&R, Parade, Banquet,Show and interior of the Gate


Contact the Moth Office on 031 3048618 for your orders.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Warriors Gate Motif       R80.00

Available from Cedric Carr at Warriors Gate  083 307 7464

email [email protected]



Wooden Crosses

WoodenCrossWooden crosses for memorial services or parades,available from Inchanga / queens own shellhole

Terry basson o.b Inchanga Queens Own
Ph 031-7834595
Fax 0865655873
Cell 0845292125

Books by Peter Court


I D SMITH Limited Edition Print

Dear Cas

I would like to elaborate on what we chatted about yesterday concerning the project I undertook with Mr Ian Douglas Smith, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia.

I approached him to consider his involvement in an aviation art project I had envisioned depicting him flying a Spitfire over Italy. It involved research I undertook at the RAF Museum and The Imperial War Museum and the Public Records Office, all in London. The research was necessary because Mr Smith explained that his flight logs had had all been lost when the Air Force sent his belongings to the wrong location, while he was recovering from a terrible accident. He had this accident while taking off from Idcu aerodrome in a Hurricane in October 1943.

He returned to No. 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron in May 1944 which had now been transferred to Corsica. The painting depicts 2 MK IX Spitfires with Mr Smith flying MK227 on a strafing mission with MH532 over Italy in June 1944. On the 22nd June of that year he was shot down over Italy, where he joined a group of Partigiani in their anti-Nazi operations. He eventually escaped across the Alps to the safety of American lines.

Mr Smith was happy to become involved and ultimately I produced a limited edition of 720, all of which he individually signed, as did the artist Deon Stahmer. Mr Smith wanted at least 10% of the proceeds to go to charity. To this end we would like to offer the following proposal:

Is it possible to for you to supply us with your members’ email addresses, alternatively for you to forward an email from us to them? In return I would like to donate 2 prints to the Order, perhaps one for your HQ and another one to be raffled. Furthermore, from the price of R1980 (as sold to various Rhodesian organisations worldwide) I would like to donate R500per print to the Order to use as you see fit. Alternatively you could decide to pass over a portion of the R500 to your members and sell the print for a reduced price to them.

I do this in the knowledge that you perform invaluable assistance to those who have served and require this assistance for any number of reasons, as do various members of the Rhodesian organisations mentioned above.

I have attached some information to authenticate the project.

If any questions are raised during your meeting tomorrow, please feel free to contact me on the number below.

I appreciate your consideration of this request and look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Philip Wade
082 771 5946

Click here for the IDS – Limited Edition offer.doc

Click here for the IDS – Photo The Star 1 July 2000.doc

Click here for the IDS – MoD permission.doc