Platinum Provincial Dugout

The Last Sunday of every month, 9h30. Evenden House, 139 Glover Ave, Lyttelton, Pretoria.
GPS Co-ordinates: S25°49’48” E28°11’11”

Platinum Events Calendar


Old Bill Dave Berry 012 993 2504 [email protected]
Deputy Old Bill Adrian Eagar 082 922 5540 [email protected]
Adjutant Stuart Howie 082 9249574 [email protected]
Pay Bill Graeme Thorold 082 457 7906 [email protected]

Platinum Executive for 2018-2019

L-R Adj Stuart Howie, OB Dave Berry, DOB Adrian Eagar, PB Graeme Thorold

Platinum Committee.

Back – LK-R Andre Churr, Andre Olivier, Richard Wilson, James Frieslaar, Andy Boden, Brian Beeden Front L-R. Stuart Howie, Dave Berry, Adrian Eagar, Graeme Thorold.



District Dugouts:

Platinum AGM August 2018

The Platinum Provincial Dugout was honored to have Old Bill of the Order James Stofberg attend and officiate at the AGM.  The week end started off with with the Old Bills Dinner at Evenden House.

The Saturday morning,Vacant Chair Shellhole hosted the Old Bill of the Order to an excellent Breakfast. After the breakfast, the Mothwa very proudly boasted and showed the Old Bill of the Order the Pretoria Mothwa Frail Care at their Haven. Something indeed to be proud of. The delegates then all made their way to Pumulani Lodge where the AGM, Dinner and Province meeting would be hosted.


Agenda for the weekend of the 2018 Annual General Meeting
25 August 2018
1.   Buffet lunch on arrival 12:30 for 13:00
2.   Platinum Provincial Dugout AGM 14:30 for 15:00
3.   Sunset Parade After the AGM
4.   Dinner 18:30 for 19:00
26 August 2018
1.   Sound Memory Cottages (Transvaal) – AGM 08:30 for 09:00
2.   Platinum Provincial Dugout monthly meeting After SMC (Transvaal) AGM
3.   Buffet lunch prior to departure After the monthly meeting

Sunset Parade after 2018 AGM


At the AGM Platinum had 3 Past Old Bills of the Order, and the Current Old Bill of the Order.

Back: Andy Boden 2016, David Gush 2005, Bruce Michler 2011, Front James Stofberg 2017

Mothwa at the 2018 AGM.


View Photos of the Dinner “Biker & Biker Chicks”


2017 AGM held at Magalies Park

2016 AGM held at Minefield Shellhole

Platinum Provinces Old Bills of the Order

(Includes Transvaal and Southern Transvaal)

Name Year Provincial Dugout Convention at
W. Mc Craw 1954/1955 Transvaal Durban
W.A. Beattie 1960/1961 Transvaal Pietersburg
H. Austin 1967/1968 Southern Transvaal Mafeking
A. Coutts 1975/1976 Transvaal Windhoek
M. Nathan 1976/1977 Southern Transvaal Bulawayo
J.H. Loots 1983/1984 Transvaal Kimberley
R.F. Bingham 1987/1988 Transvaal Port Elizabeth
R.H. Stuart 1989/1990 Southern Transvaal Durban
E.F. Simpson 1990/1991 Transvaal Durban
K.H.F. Harris 1991/1992 Southern Transvaal Durban
M.R. Mortlock 1994/1995 Transvaal Durban
P.E. Coltman 1997/1998 Southern Transvaal Durban
J.R. Jenkins 1999/2000 Transvaal Durban
S.G. Brown 2003/2004 Southern Transvaal Durban
D.C.D. Gush 2005/2006 Transvaal Durban
T. Brook 2008/2009 Platinum Durban
B.S. Michler 2011/2012 Platinum Durban
A Boden 2016/2017 Platinum Durban