Cape Western Provincial Dugout


MOTH Hall Central Circle, Fish Hoek

GPS: S 34° 8’33” E 18° 25’14”

Meetings: First Thursday at 19H00

Social Hours: Sunday 13H00 to 15H30, Wednesday 15H00 to 17H00, Friday 17H00 to 22H00 and Saturday 13H00 to 15H30



Commander: Ricky de Wet                            082 331 1807

Adjutant:         Julie Denham                           082 577 7159

Custodian:      Bill Killian                                 021 782 6305 or 072 826 5055

E-Mail: [email protected]


Calendar for 2019


201811 Battlecry Special Edition November 2018



Battledress Rememberance Parade


Battledress Shellhole donate to the Destitute.
Battledress Shellhole donate to group of women, destitute, living in a house called Sunset. Donations were collected over the last 6 months by members of the shellhole.

This is the collection we (Battledress) do for the needy,(Care to Share), and is our Christmas supply. We carry out a monthly donation to this cause.

Moth George Van Willingh turned 90 years young on 11th September at Carlise Lodge. Our Vet is an ex SAAF gunner who flew over the desert up in North Africa.

Cape Rollers visit Langenberg Shellhole and present trophies

Moth Elliott receiving the Shellhole of the year award

Battledress Shellhole
Battledress Shellhole attended the first birthday of Staaldak Shellhole in Montague.

Trafalgar Night
On Sat. 19th. We celebrated “Trafalgar Night” with a dinner. Apart from our Shellhole, also present were members from the Royal Naval Association and HMS Ganges Association.
The first one is of our “Old Bill” John Lamont addressing the people

Sunflower cancer research

The fund raising was held at the “Dawn Patrol” Shellhole in aid of the Sunflower cancer research. The photo contains members of the “Battledress” Shellhole, who always attend this function. Reading L to R, Galvin, Smith L, De Villiers, Patrick, Smith R (Smudge) Gilbert,Elliott,Herring and Warren.

It was held on Sunday 13th Oct. at “Dawn Patrol’s Hall in Bergvliet,Cape Town.

“Black Tot Day”
Celebrated at the Battledress shellhole.
Black Tot 1Black Tot 2

Happy Hour At Battledress Shellhole.

Fridays are always happy hours after 5pm at most shellholes, especially Battledress shellhole in Fish Hoek when receiving a visiting Moth Harry van der Walt from Better’Ole shellhole from Pinetown.

Whenever visiting another town or faraway place, it is always interesting to visit another shellhole, to meet new friends and brothers-at-arms.

Battledress Shellhole was also celebrating there 68th Anniversary the following day, having being founded on the 16th March 1945.

68th birthday celebration Saturday 16th March.
The first is the Lady Billie (Snoekie) Ingrid Venter with the Cdr of Battledress,Artie Elliott.
The other is the Adj, Ena Burnett, cutting the cake.


Burns Evening
Robert Burns the famous Scottish poet, celebrated by Scots all over the world.Piping in the Haggis reading of Tam O Shatam, all good stuff for the Heathen Scots.

Remembrance Service
“Two of our WW11 vets,Carl Fobian and Jim Langridge entertained by Sue. Taken at the Remembrance Service Fish-Hoek”

Battledress Shellhole

Our oldest member Moth Ernst Taljaard, celebrates his 94th, an El Alamein vet and the Old Bill of Battledress, Photo: Artie Elliot and MOTH Padre Sadler and Mrs Sadler.


Feeding of the 5000