Platinum Provincial Dugout


Outposts of Platinum Provincial Dugout


3rd Friday monthly. 19:00. 30 Thabo Mbeki Street, Polokwane.


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botha Shellhole



Botha Shellhole Host Platinum AGM July 2019

The Platinum AGM was hosted in true MOTH fashion by Botha Shellhole in Polokwane. It was a great honor to have the Old Bill of the Order, Old Bill Eddie Penzhorn as a our guest of honor. A very big thanks to him for his very interesting speech and perspective of the MOTH.

At the AGM the following awards were made by  the Province Exco and presented by Old Bill of the Order and the Provincial  Old Bill.

Presentation of Annual Awards

The Guest of Honour, Moth Eddie Penzhorn and the Provincial Old Bill, Moth Dave Berry assisted by the Provincial Sgt-Maj., Moth Richard Wilson presented the following awards:

  1. Dave Reeves Trophy – Moth Koos Kleinsmith
    For outstanding work within his District / Unit (Outpost) for the manner in which he overcame problems beyond his normal course of duties.
  2. Doug Burman Trophy – East Rand
    The Sergeant Major’s baton is presented to the District / Unit (Outpost) who was the most efficient District for the year in terms of reports, attendance at Province meetings and participation in discussions.
  3. Mike Mortlock PRO Trophy – Coalfields
    The Gold Miner is presented to the District / Unit (Outpost) who has done the most for the Order in terms of Public Relations work for the past year.
  4. Pay Bills Trophy – Minefield
    To a District / Unit (Outpost) for outstanding work in the field of financial reporting and financial control
  5. John Jenkins Recruitment Trophy – Coalfields
    Presented to the District Unit (Outpost) which shows the greatest percentage increase of new recruits per head for the year.
  6. The Stuart Howie Trophy (Best Unit) – Savannah
    For a unit recognised by the Provincial Executive as being the best in the Platinum Province.
  7. The Wickens / Olivier Recruitment Trophy – Long Tom
    Presented by the Province to a Shellhole as recognition to that Shellhole for recruiting the most members during the year
  8. Shrapnel Trophy – Turbi Hills
    A light hearted attempt to motivate a District to improve their performance and be recognised as one of the better Districts in the Platinum Province. In other words, if you sit on the shrapnel you may be coaxed to get off your rear end and do something.
  9. Bull Shit Tie – Moth Richard Wilson
    The tie is presented by the current holder to a Moth who regularly attends Provincial meetings and through his wit and or tall stories, (Bull Shit) keeps the meeting alive and vibrant.

Hiring and Firing

The Old Executive is dismissed to the floor and the new Executive is sworn in.

After the AGM a 50 minute bus trip to Makhado Airforce Base to spend an enjoyable afternoon and get an update on the South African Airforce fighter planes. The afternoon ended with a sunset parade.

Some Photos for the Gallery