19468 Moth Malcolm Bouwer

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With great sadness Marshal Smuts Shellhole has to inform; 19468 Moth Malcolm Bouwer Sailed Away at 15H15 CAT and has gone to meet the Higher Command!

A devoted husband to his lovely wife Patricia for more than 67 years, a loving father and grandfather, a succesfull businessman and sportsman of note; Malcolm, Grey PE Old Boy and gentleman extraordinaire who absolutely loved a glass of the fruit of the vine was the consummate Moth; of which the Order are losing too many of. Remaining true to the Three Ideals with the passion of an amateur and the methods of the tempered professional; he will be missed by all who had the honour and priviledge of meeting him!

In the words of Carl Gustav Jung: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Moth Bouwer served his beloved Order for a period of 70 years – commitment personified

Funeral arrangements to follow.

Rest in Peace Brother Moth!

Malcolm Ralph Bouwer

01:08:1926 to 19:03:2016


Yours Under the Tin Hat

Moth Philip McLachlan


0202 Marshal Smuts Shellhole