Sunset Call – Moth Neville Lynn

We regret to report that Moth Neville Lynn of Crater Shellhole, Coalfields District,
answered the Sunset Call to Higher Service today 06ᵗʰ January 2017. Funeral arrangements
will be posted once known.


Moth Neville was hospitalized for serious medical and surgical conditions for longer than
21 weeks and was discharged on Wednesday 04 January 2017.
We Will Remember Him

The funeral of the late Moth Neville Lynn will take place on Friday 13ᵗʰ January 2017
at  11:00 at the Methodist Church  in Louise Street, Del Judor, Witbank.
All Moths kindly arrive with full MOTH attire and medals please.
Dirk ( Coalfields Dist. Adj. )



A large contingent of MOTHS from the Coalfields District and surrounding districts including Moth Dave Berry the Moth Provincial Old Bill from the MOTH Platinum Province turned out Friday 13 January 2017 to pay tribute to MOTH Neville Lynn whose funeral service took place at the Methodist Church in Witbank.

The MOTHS conducted a full MOTH service at the end of the service where, after the Old Bill of the Crater Shellhole Moth Chris Sonnekus delivered an eulogy, all the Moths file passed the casket placing a printed poppy on a tin hat placed on the casket and gave the Moth salute to their former comrade. Bagpiper Ken Faduk performed “Lament” whilst the Moths paid their last respects.

Following the service six Moths acted as pallbearers while the remainder of the Moths and Friends of the Moth formed a guard of honour. Ken Faduk once again played “Amazing Graze”the bagpipes as the casket was placed into the hearse.

Neville joined Crater Shellhole of the MOTH organisation in 1976 where he held many positions including being the Crater Old Bill in 1993/94, the Coalfields District Old Bill in 1995/96. In 1995 he was appointed to the committee of the Witbank Moth Sound Memory Cottages and was elected chairman of the committee in 2001a position he held until his passing.

He is one of a few Moths to receive the highest award of the Order namely the coveted Certificate of Merit. This award is only presented to those Moths whose loyalty and devotion to the Memorial Order of Tin Hats are outstanding over a long period. Amongst Neville’s military decorations he wore proudly on parades was the Pro-Patria medal.

Neville Lynn relocated to Witbank in 1972 after completing his matric at Belfast High School in 1971. He was employed in the engineering planning department at Highveld Steel for 39 years. He is survived by his wife Annie, who he married in 1975,  their two children Angie, Vaughn and three grandchildren Christian, Machaela and Sarah