Appeal from MOTHFlora


Flowers for Every Occasion

MOTHFlora was founded in 1965 by a group of Moths looking to raise funds for their respective Shellholes, namely Glory Bag, Veterans and Long Distance Snipers and, initially, profits were shared between them, but it was decided many years ago that profits would be directed to the Bartle Road Cottages – probably because most of the volunteers are residents there.

Never in their wildest dreams did those Moths imagine that the organisation would still be in operation 53 years later and it is important to note that, from records over the past 20 years, MOTHFlora has distributed in excess of R 800 000. This amount has been of vital importance going toward the maintenance of the cottage complex at Bartle Road.  This has all come only from the discount allowed MOTHFlora by the suppliers.

For the first five decades of its existence the volunteers and the working area operated in comparative safety at Stellawood Cemetery but, over the past 18 months, MOTHFlora has suffered 4 separate break-ins which resulted in broken doors and windows, stolen gas bottles, assorted tools and supplies.

Naturally, some of the older volunteers are feeling insecure and it is to this end that we make our Appeal.


If there are any Shellholes (or even individual Moths) out there who would consider a contribution by way of cash, materials or labour to refurbish the huts and fence, MOTHFlora would be eternally grateful.

We cannot allow MothFlora to disappear for the simple sake of some badly-needed repairs and security upgrading.

Monetary donations deposited to:-

Bank:                                 NEDBANK

Account Type:               Savings

Account Name:             Mothflora

Account Number:        2133 024 670

Reference:                      Repair Donation


Contact:–  LOUSIA HITCHCOCK   031 205 6403   [email protected]

MOTHFlora is a MOTH Cause, working to ease the various financial burdens at Bartle Road MOTH Cottages and uses the appropriate MOTH PBO reference number.