Old Bill of the Order Awards


The Old Bill of the Order is appointed annually by the Full National Executive. The position is an honorary position, and the holder of this award, may be invited to take the chair at the Annual General Meeting of MOTH General Headquarters. On completion of his term of office as Old Bill of the Order , he may continue to wear the precious metal badge (Gold Tin Hat), for the rest of his life.


Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates
on his appointment as
Old Bill of the Order for 2023- 2024

Moth Wilson enrolled into the MOTH at Old Rifle Range Shellhole in November 1984, after having served with 5 SAI Bn from 1975 to 1976 and, later, with SA Irish until 1989.

He began executive service in June 1985 as the Shellhole Pay Bill and, since then, has hardly ever seen membership as an ordinary Floor Member.  He has served in every executive post on every Unit Executive – from Shellhole to District to Provincial Dugout.  He was instrumental in the amalgamation in 2002 of Old Rifle Range and Dan Pienaar Shellholes, which was renamed as Savannah, where is currently the Shellhole Adjutant.  He is also the current Provincial Adjutant, Platinum Provincial Dugout.  He has been involved on the committees of MOTH Cottage complexes as well and has, for many years now, served in the executive at the Cottesloe Complex in Johannesburg.

Moth Wilson has the ability to take on tasks that require firmness and tenacity in order to ensure that the MOTH name is held high.  During his tenures at Provincial level, for example, these committees managed the successful closure of the MOTH Centre in Johannesburg, the Moth Louis Botha Club and Cransley House, as well as the sales of the Warrior Oasis Cottages and Reveille Shellhole property.   He has shown himself to be a level-headed individual who is unafraid of controversial stances, should these be to ensure that all sides of any matter are correctly tabled.

Moth Wilson’s work on behalf of his Shellhole has actually benefitted to the wider MOTH community.  He has, for example, been instrumental in arranging annual Dances, open days and like functions – these to also include MOTH widows so that they remain “in the Fold”.
He frequently arranged for busses from his employers to transport Moths on Raids and visits to other units, and even to get members from the Floor to GHQ meetings in order that they increase their knowledge about the Orders’ work. Very often he drove the busses himself on these occasions. Wherever possible, these trips would pass Mt. Memory, so that more Moths were actually able to see this MOTH Shrine.  These efforts do not only benefit his Shellhole, but the MOTH as a whole.

Recently, Moth Wilson served on the committee of the new East Rand District Dugout when the Eats and West Rand Dugouts were restructured and ensured, with the rest of the executive, that the restructure was successful.

Moth Richard is always willing to assist other Moth by offering his guidance, experience and training to uplift and educate his fellow Moth to ensure they have  better understanding of the Order and are able to contribute more effectively through this acquired knowledge and support.

Moth Richard lives by the Three Ideals, even in his “home life”.  A more dedicated Moth would, indeed, be hard to find

Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates


on his appointment as

Old Bill of the Order for 2022- 2023

To see the true embodiment of the Three MOTH Ideals: True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory – you need only look to Moth Coward.  A man practicing front-line friendship in civilian life, acknowledging the personal and collective obligation to help each other as in front line service and by remembering the fallen as a living companionship and to serve their memory in practical actions.

Moth Coward has shown to be a sound and consistent pillar of strength within the origination and with his tenacity he has proven to be a true comrade to his follow Moths.

Raised in Durban, he completed his schooling at Northlands Boys High in 1968, joining the South African Police Services in December of that same year.  Moth Coward’s dedication and commitment was soon recognized as he served with distinction at various units, and saw steady promotions until, in 1996, he became Colonel/Superintendent – a position from which he retired in 1997.

Moth Coward joined the MOTH at Cinder City Shellhole in 1996, where he has since been an active and contributing member.  During these past 26 years his service to the Order has been unstinting.  Moth Coward served on the executive as Old Bill at Cinder City from 2000 to 2004.   During his term and to date, he is always actively involved with all MOTH activities, he is seen as a mentor to many younger  Moths and always gives advice where necessary, this in attestation to his continued selfless service to the Order.

In 2007 to 2009 Moth Coward served as the Provincial Old Bill, Southern KwaZulu Natal Dugout and, thereafter, co-opted onto the National Executive where he served for 12 years and now an ex-officio member.  During this time Moth Coward held the post of National PR and Advertising Officer and many other tasks required at the time, including that of MOTH representative to the KZN branch of the then-fledgling SANMWA structures.

The results of his efforts and dedicated service towards the Order has previously been recognized, having been awarded the Certificate of Comradeship in March 2000 and the Certificate for Excellent Service in November 2011.

Moth Coward`s interests go much further than the MOTH.  He has been a loyal and devoted husband to Jaynene and, together, they are always actively involved with all MOTH activities.

In consideration of the above, Moth Brian Coward is a most worthy Moth to be considered for the position Old Bill of the Order for the year 2022-2023.



Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates


on his appointment as

Old Bill of the Order for 2021- 2022

Out going OBO Andre Coetsee pins incoming OBO Dup du Plessis

Moth du Plessis is one of a rare breed, that which always exudes positivity and leads by example.

Graduating as an Educator, he was actively involved in Academia until formal retirement, but he still teaches part-time at a local special-needs school.
He joined the SADF in 1964 but took time off for studies, re-joining again in 1971 and served with distinction at various units until the last, of which he commanded as a Lt-Colonel, closed in 2006.

Moth du Plessis joined the MOTH at Mafeesh Shellhole in 1985, but work commitments caused a break in service until he re-joined at Allan Wilson Shellhole in 2004.
His service to the Order has been unstinting.  He has taken on tasks and projects with great enthusiasm and tenacity, using his command and control skills to ensure a successful conclusion of these for the benefit of his comrades.

Moth Dup has, for many years, acted as the Custodian of the Garden of Remembrance in Pietermaritzburg and manages the maintenance and upkeep of that shrine which includes the world-renowned Weeping Cross. This is a mammoth project indeed, since the property requires constant care.   The property falls within the scope of the MOTH Museums & Memorial Committee and Moth Dup is an active member of that group, in which he is also very involved with ongoing maintenance projects at the Mt. Memory Shrine.
He has served on the executive body of Allan Wilson Shellhole since 2007, being elected as Old Bill twice, from 2010 to 2013 and, again, from 2014 to 2017.  During the latter term in Office, he was actively involved with the sub-division of the Shellhole property, and acted as the on-site representative of the Order to oversee the renovations to the Allan Wilson Shellhole building and surrounds.  The result of that project is a clear beacon that highlights his communication and oversight capabilities.
He has served on the Pietermaritzburg District Dugout, being District Old Bill from 2018 to date.

Moth du Plessis was co-opted to serve on the MOTH National Executive for a period between July 2019 and November 2020.  During this time, one of his allotted tasks was to translate the Constitution and General Standing Orders into Afrikaans.  This project was completed in short order and he remains the MOTH “go-to guy” for translations of all amendments to that very important file.

But Moth du Plessis’ interests go much further than the MOTH.  He has been a member of the South African Legion for almost 20 years, carrying with him the same reputation of selfless service to his Branch.

He was a qualified Provincial-level Rugby referee, and is a member of various other (bowling) clubs in the region.

He is a very keen and accomplished woodworker and cabinet-maker, and was a member of the now-defunct Pmb & District Woodworker’s Guild.

His services to the MOTH have been previously recognised, having been awarded both the Certificates of Comradeship and Excellent Service.

In consideration of the above, Moth Johan du Plessis is a most worthy member to carry the title of Old Bill of the Order for the year 2021/2022.

Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates

Moth Andre Coetsee on his appointment as

Old Bill of the Order for 2020- 2021

Andre Maarten Coetsee was born on the 18th of December 1955 in Johannesburg. By January 1975 the young Andre reported at 2 Special Services Battalion to commence with his Basic Military Training. This led to a career as a Reserve Force Soldier that would only come to an end in 1991. During this period Andre served with Randburg Commando, Parys Commando and the Rand Light Infantry; saw service during Operation Disa and was stationed at Rundu on the SWA / Angola border.

Moth Andre Coetsee joined the Order during 1998 at Barrage Shellhole in Parys and immediately became involved in Shellhole and MOTH affairs. From 2000 until 2004 he served as the Shellhole Old Bill and from 2003 until 2006 as the Free State Provincial Adjutant. 2006 also saw him returning to serve as Shellhole Paybill, an Office he holds to this day. For the years 2008 and 2009 Moth Coetsee served as the Provincial Deputy Old Bill for the Dugout. For his service to the cause of MOTH-dom, Moth Coetsee has been awarded the Certificate of Comradeship during 2004 and the Certificate for Excellent Service in 2007.

Moth Coetsee became a member of the National Executive during 2011 and soon took over the portfolio of National Recruiting Officer. In this position he started and completed the process of transferring the Nominal Roll system into an electronic version, which formed the basis of the superb system that is being utilised today. To ensure the work was correctly completed within a specific time frame; Moth Coetsee travelled to Durban on many extended visits where he then worked from the MOTH Office.

By his own accord, research is one of his hobbies and he also used these visits to compile a series of articles from old Home Front Magazines that was circulated to all Moths under the title “Memory Lane.” Further Moth Coetsee employed a system of reporting where Provincial Dugouts were annually informed on a scientific basis of all losses that occurred during specific years. These reports have greatly assisted in stabilising membership numbers since 2014.

Moth Coetsee has also played an active role on Sub-Committees established to pave the way for the future of the Order. A quite individual by nature, Moth Coetsee is known by those who work closely with him for his intellectual prowess and analytical mind; in short, a man who’s ability to think differently more often than not led to breaking down deadlocks and has paved the way for new solutions.

Together with his better-half Maxime, Moth Coetsee is also fond of travelling and as such has played a major role with various MOTH Raider groups touring and visiting Shellholes throughout the country.

It gives the Full National Executive great pleasure to appoint 21679 Moth Andre Maarten Coetsee, Old Bill of the Order for the 2020/21 MOTH year.


Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates

Moth Dave Revell on his appointment as

Old Bill of the Order for 2019- 2020

Born in London in 1942, Dave Revell joined the Royal Navy in 1957 and, between 1962 and 1964, served on HMS Afrikander at Youngsfield Military Base.  Upon his discharge from the Royal Navy he was approached to play soccer semi-professionally for Cape Town City but, with a young family to support, he opted to join the South African Navy and was amongst the first crew members to receive training on the Daphne-Class submarines.  He then served as a Submariner for the following 11 years.  Dave retired in 1998 with the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.

Moth Revell joined the Order at Red Barn/Tavern of the Seas Shellhole in 2002 and, later that year, was elected as Deputy Old Bill, becoming the Old Bill in 2004.  During that time he was personally responsible for the building alterations and improvements of the Shellhole Canteen area.  These changes much improved the premises and inevitably led to the growth in membership.

The next building project saw the erection of an outside, covered recreational area and braai facility, managed by Moth Revell with cost outlay extending only for the building materials.  This “Seafarers Lounge” is still well supported by members and hired out for functions, thus providing funds for the Shellhole.

During his tenure as Old Bill, the Shellhole grew to over 50 members, which requires a business model to suit its needs and a committed executive – an almost foreign concept in many units of the Order.  Moth Revell ensured that the business model was kept relevant and, today, the Shellhole registers an income in excess of R800k p.a.

Moth Dave’s willingness to support major projects was noted and he was elected as Provincial Deputy Old Bill in 2008.  He declined the post of Provincial Old Bill on more than one occasion, opting to ensure that the strength and growth of his Shellhole remains on course.  But, in 2015, he assumed the post of Provincial Old Bill and immediately made his mark.  He set the example of leading from the front and expected the same of his executive committee and, during his 3-year tenure, the Province won the Dugout of the Year Trophy in 2016 and Best Recruitment Trophy for 3 years in succession.  The annual Memorial Services in the region saw much-improved attendance during a period where the Department Military Veterans’ support was present, and Moth Dave managed those difficult situations with great diplomacy.

Cape Western Provincial Dugout manages the Bakoven Cottages which generate an income and which turns the Dugout in a Business entity.  Moth Revell has proved to be equal to the task ensures that Insurance matters are controlled and he continues to manage Public Relations matters and all negotiations between the Dugout and the Cape Town City Council.

The highlight of his period as Provincial Old Bill came when Cape Western hosted a very successful MOTH 90 celebration in Cape Town.  Many visitors, including the Old Bill of the Order, Moths from across the country and Raiding Groups attended and, with his leadership and through the endeavours of the Dugout, were treated to a spectacular weekend where all events were substantially subsidized and only limits costs were incurred.

An unassuming man who, with humour, very effectively goes about his work.  Moth Revell has never been afraid to speak his mind or to discipline errant individuals or units when required.  Diligent and committed to his duties, no issue or problem has been too onerous for him to resolve or to quietly provide advice and guidance and his calming influence has always been an open secret within the Dugout.

Besides his work with the Bakoven Cottages, he currently holds the posts of Shellhole Adjutant, Shellhole Recruiting Officer and MESCA Liaison Officer.

Moth Revell was awarded the Certificate of Comradeship in July 2006 and, in October 2012, the Certificate for Excellent Service.

Moth General Head Quarters Congratulates Moth Eddie Penzhorn on his appointment as Old Bill of the Order for 2018- 2019.



Moth Eduard Heinrich Penzhorn (Eddie) was born in Pretoria on 15 March 1947. He was educated at the German School, Pretoria Boys High School, after which he attended to his tertiary education at the University of Pretoria and the Normal College.  He then embarked on a career as an educator and taught at Pretoria Boys High School after which he was appointed the Deputy Head Master of The Glen High School. After his stint at the Glen, Eddie was appointed Headmaster of the newly established Willow Ridge High School where he was highly respected by fellow teachers, pupils and parents. Eddie later became a School Inspector and this was followed as the Head Communications / Personnel for the Department of Education. Thereafter, Eddie moved into the private sector and was the IT Group HR Manager for BCX before he retired in December 2010.

Eddie Penzhorn joined the Memorable Order of Tin Hats on 1st September 1986 as a member of Gorgeous Wrecks Shellhole.  He did not waste time in sitting in the back rows at Shellhole meetings and was appointed as Deputy Old Bill in 1987 in which post he served until 1988 when he was voted in as the Old Bill where he served until 1993.  He was again voted in as the Shellhole Old Bill from 2011 and served as the Old Bill until August 2016. The Shellhole members enjoyed Eddie’s usual well organised leadership. Moth Penzhorn has over the years, (since 1992) conducted a number of workshops in an effort to motivate fellow Moths to become more efficient and effective in the tasks they perform within the Order. The last such workshop was held in early 2011.  Eddie was appointed as the District Liaison Officer and Website coordinator in 2010, which he tackled with his usual enthusiasm, tact and motivation to ensure success at the end of the day. Moth Penzhorn was awarded the Certificate of Merit on 16th August, 2017.

Eddie started his military career at 1SSB in 1965 where he served as a tank driver where after he was posted to A Squadron 2 Armed Car Regiment (Bloemfontein) and then to D Squadron 2 Armd Car Regiment ( Walvis Bay) where he ended his National Service as a Tank Troop Cpl.  He was then posted to Pretoria Regiment and was commissioned in 1967. He served in the PR as a Troop Leader, Adjutant, Squadron Commander, Regimental 2 I/C, and Regimental Commander from 1980 –1985, with several visits to the Operational Area. This was followed by a period of service at 81 Armed Brigade as the SO1 CF Training and was transferred to the National Reserve in 1992 after 27 years of service.

In the wider field Moth Penzhorn served the Pretoria Regiment Association from 1968 to 2011 in various positions as the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.  He has also served on the Pretoria Regiment Council from 1980 to date as the Honorary Secretary.

Eddie served on the Pretoria Memorial Services Council as the representative of the Pretoria Regiment Association from 1986 and was elected Chairman of the Council in 1993. He held this position until he retired from the PMSC in 1996.

Eddie has always carried out his duties beyond the requirements thereof and wherever he has served, whether it was as a school master, a soldier, or a Moth he has always completed his tasks with his usual thoroughness and attention to detail coupled with a very diplomatic demeanour which endears him to his subordinates and colleagues alike.  This reflects the conscientious attitude of a person who is a perfectionist when it comes to his duties and who upholds the Constitution and General Standing Orders.

When Eddie took over as the Deputy Old Bill of the Shellhole he gave the Old Bill his unstinting support in all matters. Before and upon taking up the post of Old Bill of the Shellhole, again his actions of diligence to the task has been apparent.

Eddie is a credit to the MOTH and is respected and liked by all who meet him.  His actions promote the good name of the Order and the Three Ideals. Furthermore, he has carried out his duties to the best of his ability and has never hesitated in going the extra mile. We therefore have no hesitation in appointing Moth Eddie Penzhorn as the Old Bill of The Order for 2018 – 2019

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Old Bill of the Order – James Stoffberg

Moth James Stoffberg joined the M.O.T.H. in April 1977 when he was inducted into Four Corner Shellhole in Port Elizabeth as one of the early ‘Border Boys’ to join the Order.

In 1982 he became the Shellhole Old Bill of Four Corner and remained in that position until 1986 when he had to leave that position to take up his new task of being the District Old Bill of the then Port Elizabeth District Dugout. He remained as District Old Bill until 1988. In 1989 he was elected as Deputy Old Bill of the then Winston Churchill Provincial Dugout (Cape Eastern) until 1991 at which time he became the Provincial Old Bill of Winston Churchill Provincial Dugout. He remained in that position until 1994. Moth James was awarded the Certificate of Comradeship in 1994 and the Certificate of Excellent Service in 1999.

During his term as the Deputy Provincial Old Bill, he became a member of Prince Alfred Shellhole after the closure of Four Corner Shellhole, where he remained until 2007.

Moth James was elected onto the National Executive in 1999 and remained a dedicated member of that Executive until for health reasons, he stepped down in 2016. While Moth James was serving on the National Executive, he was awarded the Certificate of Merit in 2007.

During his term on the National Executive, he witnessed the selling of the P. E. MOTH Club in Bird Street which led to his Shellhole Old Bill deciding to close Prince Alfred Shellhole. It was then in 2007 that he joined Comrades Shellhole, now known as Comrades Algoa Shellhole.

Moth James was always involved with something to do with the MOTH and has always been willing to serve on other committees such as the MESCA Port Elizabeth Unit and as Pay Bill of Comrades Algoa Shellhole.

On numerous occasions the Provincial Dugout have called on James for assistance and guidance with his vast wealth of experience in matters relating to the MOTH. He has never failed to come forward with that assistance. Until his health really got too much for him he used to travel with the Provincial Dugout to all the Districts and the outlying Shellholes that were visited by the Dugout. His dedication to the MOTH has made him a well-known figure within the Province, with many a question being asked after his well-being.

When the Eastern Cape Province was formed with the amalgamation of Border & Transkei and the Cape Eastern, James was always there with his hands-on approach assisting with the procedures that had to implemented right from the negotiation stages. The outcome of this exercise resulted in the formation of four Districts within the Province.

Southern Kwazulu Natal Provincial Dugout had James as their mentor and this task he took to heart, and as with everything else James does, he did it with great diligence and gave his 100% always.

Moth James has also had his share of dealing with the overseeing, and or, advising on various disciplinary committees all over the Country during his tenure in Senior Office. He has always carried out those tasks with the utmost diligence and upholding the integrity of the MOTH was, and is always, foremost in every aspect of James’s duties.

It is for these reasons the Eastern Cape Provincial Dugout Proudly nominate Moth James Benjamin Carl Stoffberg as the Old Bill of our Order for 2017 / 2018.

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Old Bill of the Order Awards

Name Year Provincial Dugout Convention At
W. Mc Craw 1954/1955 Transvaal Durban
W.J. Swanson 1955/1956 Cape Western Windhoek
E. Lambert 1956/1957 S.Rhodesia Command Livingstone
J. Irvine Crawford 1957/1958 Gen.Sec. Moth Ghq Bloemfontein
W.J. Webb 1958/1959 Orange Free State East London
S.B. Barrington 1959/1960 Border & Transkei Simonstown
W.A. Beattie 1960/1961 Transvaal Pietersburg
R.W. Cahill 1961/1962 N And S Rhodesia Salisbury
W.E. Vincent 1962/1963 Northern Cape Kimberley
J.D. Farrell 1963/1964 Cape Midlands Paarl
T.L. Serfontein 1964/1965 Swa Command Windhoek
D.W.J. Fanning 1965/1966 Cape Eastern Port Elizabeth
C.W.W. Page 1966/1967 Natal Pietermaritzburg
H. Austin 1967/1968 Southern Transvaal Mafeking
F.G. Richings 1968/1969 Cape Western Cape Town
G.L.A. Dunning 1969/1970 Natal Johannesburg
A. Cockburn 1970/1971 Rhodesia East London
W. Cullen 1971/1972 Cape Western Bloemfontein
C. Cowley 1972/1973 Natal Pretoria
H.A. Levy 1973/1974 Natal Moth Ghq Belville
P. Warman 1974/1975 Cape Western Kimberley
A. Coutts 1975/1976 Transvaal Windhoek
M. Nathan 1976/1977 Southern Transvaal Bulawayo
C.R. Stanistreet
F.L. Van Hasselt 1977/1978 Natal Durban
L.F. Smith Cape Western
N.E. Padwick 1978/1979 England Command Port Elizabeth
S.J. Beukes 1979/1980 Border & Transkei Cape Town
W.J. Paris 1980/1981 Cape Midlands Germiston
E. Eloff 1981/1982 Orange Free State Bloemfontein
G. Russell 1982/1983 Cape Western East London
J.H. Loots 1983/1984 Transvaal Kimberley
E.E. Milford 1984/1985 Natal Durban
J. De Kock 1985/1986 Frontier Belville
E.V.H. Corbishley 1986/1987 Natal Durban
R.F. Bingham 1987/1988 Transvaal Port Elizabeth
H. Turner 1988/1989 England Johannesburg
R.H. Stuart 1989/1990 Southern Transvaal Durban
E.F. Simpson 1990/1991 Transvaal Durban
K.H.F. Harris 1991/1992 Southern Transvaal Durban
L.V. Horton 1992/1993 Natal Durban
A. Wray 1993/1994 Cape Eastern/Natal Durban
M.R. Mortlock 1994/1995 Transvaal Durban
R.R. Macgregor 1995/1996 Natal Durban
E.J. Hills 1996/1997 Natal Durban
P.E. Coltman 1997/1998 Southern Transvaal Durban
I. Mc Call-Peat 1998/1999 Cape Eastern Durban
J.R. Jenkins 1999/2000 Transvaal Durban
C.J.W. Northcote 2000/2001 Natal Durban
H.J. Kokott 2001/2002 Cape Midlands Durban
D.H. Charles 2002/2003 Natal Durban
S.G. Brown 2003/2004 Southern Transvaal Durban
K. Brusser 2004/2005 KZN Durban
D.C.D. Gush 2005/2006 Transvaal Durban
D. Watt-Pringle 2006/2007 Free State Durban
C.J.C. Aucamp 2007/2008 KZN Durban
T. Brook 2008/2009 Platinum Durban
O. Grinaker 2009/2010 Eastern Cape Durban
H.J. Wantenaar 2010/2011 KZN Durban
B.S. Michler 2011/2012 Platinum Durban
T Munnik 2012/2013 KZN Durban
M Soutter 2013/2014 Eastern Cape Durban
N Edwards 2014/2015 KZN Durban
M Adrain 2015/2016 KZN Durban
A Boden 2016/2017 Platinum Durban
J. Stoffberg 2017/2018 Eastern Cape Durban
EH Penzhorn 2018/2019 Platinum Durban
D Revell 2019/2020 Cape Western Durban
AM Coetsee 2020/2021 Freestate Northern Cape Durban
JN du Plessis 2021/2022 Southern KZN Durban
AB Coward 2022/2023 Southern KZN Durban
RJ Wilson 2023/2024 Platinum Durban