Better ‘Ole Shellhole raids Winston Churchill

Better ‘Ole Shellhole decided to make a raid on Winston Churchill on Thursday evening 14th January 2016 and they meet 19,00 for 19,30 and this is got to be the only Shellhole that does not open for refreshments before their meeting starts, so being well aware of this from many a past experience, so the “war correspondent” popped down to the Woodcutters pub / restaurant and there met up with David bond also from Better ‘Ole and managed to have a ‘chibuli” (beer) before venturing upto Winston Churchill where we met with Mike Lee, Skippy Michell and Erich Hendricks with hi fiancé Jenny Coetzee.

A great evening was had by all and only to discover that I was half way home to Morningside that I had left my camera & briefcase behind. It was a very quick return to W C and was lucky to catch them before they locked up at 23,30pm.

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Regards – Peter