Border Campaign Memorial Parade and Service 2016

feb16I had not seen Doug Smith since the Hard Tack Shellhole Christmas lunch Sat 19th Dec 2015

Yes it’s hell getting old, and one thing for sure, as in Doug’s case a lot of have gone to Higher Service !

And now not too many people to talk to. So I got hold of my dear friend Barbara and asked her if she would like to join me to go and visit Doug. Barbara has known Doug for many years and she has been with me on many a visit. So we decided to go down to Scottburgh to visit Doug on Sat 23rd Jan. I had arranged with my local supermarket to make a special cottage pie with no spices, as Doug at nearly 95 does not have too many teeth to chew on plus spicy food does not go well with the digestive system for him. Plus I got some nice soft fresh fruit and vegies, and of course not forgetting the ‘cold Amstel’ beers. Barbara and I had a most enjoyable morning sharing with Doug about his yesteryear, current politics, sport and just general chit-chat. You see he actually does not have too many people to converse with ! It’s hell getting old ! So this is to let his last few friends know that Doug is WELL and God willing looking forward to getting to that magic age of 100 !

And to his friend Brian Edwards in the U.K. he sends his best wishes.

The “War Correspondent”