Buffalo Dixie Raided by Gonubie Shellhole – 10 October 2023

The orderly Buffalo-Dixie meeting on 10 October was, with due forethought and premeditation, hijacked by Gonubie Raiders.

As the raiders included Gonubie Top Table, half East London District executive and two ex District Old Bills, it was clear that heavy artillery was the order of the day.  The Shellhole sheltered from the salvo by remaining seated.

Buffalo-Dixie executive was arraigned before a drumhead court martial.  Charge: That the meeting was being held without a charter (GSO 2.1.1).

The B-D OB gallantly sprang to the defence of his Shellhole and, acting on his own initiative, moved to the wall where the charter is displayed.

In an unexpected twist, the Buffalo-Dixie charter had been replaced with the Gonubie charter.  The raiders expressed amazement at this aggravation of the crime, but decided against adding to the charge sheet.

The accused were found guilty and sentenced to remaining on the executive for the next 2 years.

Their nefarious purpose accomplished, the raiders successfully exfiltrated to the bar.