Cape Western shows Mutual Help after unrest in KZN

Following the devastation and looting that took place in especially KZN the previous week; the Cape Western Moths took it upon themselves to organise a project in which essential commodities could be delivered to our beleaguered Comrades in Durban.

A quick call to POB Robertson set him on the track to spread the word throughout the Province and Moth Douw Holtzhausen, the owner of Kraaifontein Superspar was again called on to provide his magic.

After liaising via MOTH Office with Bartle Road and Flame Lily Park, lists of requirements were sent through and the hampers were packed at the quick march! (Please note that the Cottage schemes are paying for the items).

Private individuals soon became involved in the project and further donations were received. This afternoon 900kg of groceries was delivered to the transport distribution point; the vehicle will leave Cape Town tomorrow and should reach Durban by Friday morning.The consignment will be delivered to a warehouse in Durban North from which the Flame Lily vehicle will collect.

Individuals and businesses who deserve our special gratitude:

1. Africa Transport Solutions (collection, packing and delivery services at no charge)

2. Granate Asset Management Mr Alex Dearman and team (donation of various grocery items)

3. Treadzone Mr Charl de Villiers and team (donation of various grocery items and footing the transportation bill)

4. Cape Western Shellholes and individual Moths who have donated money towards the project

We wish the delivery vehicle Godspeed and fair winds!


The Goods delivered at Flame Lily Park 2 days later