Change in National Executive Top Table.

At the November AGM 2021, Moth A Boden and Moth A. Coetsee 3 year term was up and they had to decide whether to make them selves available again or not. This was the out come.

Moth Andy Boden of Platinum was installed as the new National Chairman. This is the first time the National Chairman has not come from Durban and surrounding areas.  Moth Andy Boden takes over form Moth Tony Munnik who has been serving on the National Executive for more than 27 years. Moth Tony can now relax as a normal member of the NEC.

Moth Andy – we wish you well.

We also welcome Moth Marius Geldenhuys to the National Executive, who hails from Freestate and Northern Cape and lives in Kimberley. He replaces Moth Andre Coetsee who after serving on National Executive for 11 years, decided not to stand again. We thank Andre for his dedicated service. All though very quiet, when he spoke it was always a valuable contribution to the top table and the Order. Thank you Andre.