Chat page live!

To all Moths, the Chat forum is live and ready to be used. The purpose of the forum is for you to be able to add unit events, pass comments about the events, and debate matters of interest within the MOTH. Keep it positive and enjoy.

The comments passed are visible to the world, but only registered Moths can update. Register today. Have fun.

To access click on the Home Page – In RED you will see Chat to Members. Click on this link

You then need to Register, accepting the terms and conditions, and providing the following :

  1. A user ID of you choice
  2. A Password of your choice
  3. Your email address
  4. Name
  5. Surname
  6. Shellhole

Registration could take 48 hours.


Website Manager
Moth Andy Boden

2016 December 22

(Instruction manaual to follow)