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Warrior Oasis Cottages (Closed) Property Sold.


Platinum Provincial Dugout

This property has been sold and no longer belongs to the Moth as of July 2022 . The Warrior Shellhole still exists and has a new home. They meet in Krugersdorp. For Contacts details go to their website Warrior Shellhole

25 Cottages on the Moth Warrior Shellhole property,  out in the country in Mulderdrift. The cottages belong to Warrior Shellhole and Oasis Shellholes and are managed by Warrior Oasis Cottages Management Committee  (WOCMAC).  The Cottages were initially built in the late 1950’s. On the property is the Warrior  Shellhole and the Warrior Arms Club.



The Crusader Moves to Sandy

2 October 2021. Another sad day for Moth Warrior Shellhole, but a happy day for Sandy Shellhole as they fetch their new asset – a Crusader Tank. The exercise was scheduled for 9h30 in the morning. 9h00 it was miserable, wet and the weather did not look like it would let up. Sandy Shellhole was there in force. Nervous but keen to get going. The big question was, would they be able to release the brakes so the tank would roll. The team started releasing the brakes – they had a tank tiffy who new what was required.  9h45 the huge recovery vehicle arrived and shortly after that the “flat bed truck” Now the test. Would they be able to pull the tank tuning it 30 degrees to the right and then up onto the road and then turning the tank 45 degree left, without damaging tracks or the premisses. The photos tell the story.

The Happy crew on the day.


Now we have 1 more item to move – the Bofor. This 40mm gun is off to Durban – Moth Warriors Gate our National Shrine, but not straight there. We are doing a swap with Sandy Shellhole as they have 2 identical guns. This Warrior Bofor will go to Sandy, snd they will then send their gun to Warriors gate. This will all be done at Sandy Shellholes Cost. Thanks very much.

Some Videos



The Honey Moves

The 2 September 2021 was a sad day at Warrior Shellhole as they watch one of their 2 tanks being transported to a new home at Mesca Dickie Fritz Cottages. This is all part of the preparation to sell the Warrior Property in Mulderdrift. We do thank Dickie Fritz as they take on the ownership of the Honey and add to their collection in Edenvale. Looking forward to seeing the Honey in a months time after it has had a paid Job and cleaned up.


29 August 2019

Fund raising is key to the success of this complex. The 11th Annual golf day was arranged at Glenvista to raise funds. Again a roaring success. We were able to bank almost R40000.00 which will go towards our project of ensuring the we can do the maintenance of the roof.  We had 76 players on the day (only one 4 ball not arriving). The rest of the four ball all being full. Thanks to the many sponsors who sponsored in various ways ranging from cash donation, sponsoring a watering holes, providing prizes (every player received a prize), sponsoring half way house, greens fees and dinner, or simply entering  four ball or 2. We thank you very  much.

Xon Watering Hole

19th November Parade

Oasis Shellhole held their annual Service of Remembrance at the Shrine situated in the grounds of the Oasis/Warrior cottages in Muldersdrift on 19th November 2017. The Service was attended by over 60 Moths, tenants from the cottages, family, friends and the Pipe Band.

After the Ceremony of Light, the Old Bill of the Shellhole, Moth Mike Groenewald opened proceedings by welcoming all and gave a brief history of the Shrine.

The following article appeared in the Aardvark which was the newsletter of Sandton Commando dated December 1988. Titled – Oasis Shellhole, Dedication Ceremony 27th November 1988. The ceremony was the Dedication of the Shrine and the first Remembrance Parade which has been held for the last 29 years.

“On the 27th November 1988 there was a dedication service at the Oasis Shellhole in Muldersdrift. There was a turnout of one hundred and fifty people and the event was characterized by a good spirit of comradeship.

The Shrine at the Shellhole was unveiled by Keith Ford (Oasis Old Bill), and the sermon was given by Padre W Marshall. Padre Marshall emphasized in his sermon that battlefields are Holy ground since everyone pays the supreme price. Wars are about ordinary people fighting one another. Even though enemies in war, soldiers can become close friends after the cessation of hostilities. It was ironical, the Padre remarked, that in reality, all nations crave peace. Wreaths were laid by various military officials, including Commandant Edgar, the O.C. of Sandton Commando.

After the ceremony an excellent light lunch was provided by members of the Red Cross. Sandton Commando members manned the bar and also assisted with the preparation of the venue by erecting tents”

It was also pointed out that three members of Oasis Shellhole who attended that parade were present at the service, namely Moths Robbie Dow, Mike Hart and Sean Mc Harry. Interestingly they all were Sergeant’s Major in Sandton Commando as well.

In closing Moth Mike mentioned that the bricks had been donated by Ken Faithful, a member of Sandton Commando and a Moth and the Shrine was built by Moth Alec Alexander who has a section of the cottages dedicated to him and that the 30th parade which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities will be as special as the first parade in 1988

After the Service everybody retired to the Warrior Arms Club for the toasts and light refreshments.

Picnic hosted by Oasis Shellhole  Nov 2017

On Saturday the 9th December 2017,  Oasis arranged a picnic for the residents at Warrior Oasis Cottages. They were provided with boerewors rolls and salads. Afterwards gifts and sweet hampers were given to the residents, which were prepared by Annie and Andrew. Fortunately the weather play ball and everybody enjoyed themselves.