Cape Western Provincial Dugout


Moths Daphne Floyd, Ricky de Wet, Leon Robertson, Leon Maree and Philip McLachlan (National Exco)

Specific Meeting arrangements:

Executive Committee Meetings: Second Tuesday at 16H30. Dawn Patrol Shellhole, 20 Childrens Way, Bergvliet

GPS:   S 32º 2’46” E 18º 27’34”
Quarterly Commanders Meetings: Fourth Sunday, November, February and May, Tommy Rendle VC Shellhole at 10H30
Annual General Meeting: Fourth Sunday August, Red Barn Tavern of the Seas Shellhole at 10H30

Quartermaster:                           Venice (Sam) van der Poll 072 753 8795
Bakoven Holiday Bungalows:  Graham Stuck                       021 715 5150
Cape Rollers Raiders:                Peter Drayton                        021 705 0773 or [email protected]

Unit Voice Mail: 021 715 5150

 Cape Western Events Calendar

Cape Western Province Old Bills

Seated: Moths Frank Schuman (Chairman MESCA), Daphne Floyd (Adjutant), Ricky de Wet (DPOB and Battledress), Leon Robertson (POB), Leon Maree (Paybill), Philip McLachlan (Marshal Smuts) and Eddie Kruger (Dawn Patrol)
Standing: Michael Wilmot (Komesho), Gail Jordaan (Bomb Alley), Mark Bester (Red Barn / ToTS), Derek Berry (Tommy Rendle VC), Tertius Pienaar (Blaauwberg Cuca), Anton Nel (Pro Patria), Roger Boltman (Pip-Ack) and Gavin Eyre (Snoekie)
Apologies: Moth John Verster (Admiral Halifax)
Zoom attendance: Langeberg No 9-, Majozi DCM-, Seagull-, Staaldak- and Weskus Quartel Shellholes

AGM on the 27 August 2017