East London District Dugout


Executive for 2023 -2024

ELD Exco. L-R OB Wayne McKay, WB Clegg Naude, Adj Robin Fourie, PB Henry Sutherland, S.Major Chris Becker


Planned Events

To be advised


May Meeting – ELDD Quarterly

ELDD Wee Bill Clegg Naude presents the recruitment trophy to Port Rex Wee Bill Raoul Petzer

East London District Shadow March 11/11/2023

Video Clip of East London District Shadow March

Remembrance Parades in East London

The centenary of the unveiling of East London’s Cenotaph (11/11/1923) was
celebrated during the Remembrance Service on Sunday 12/11/2023.
Led on parade by East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band, MOTH were joined
by members of SA Legion, RAFA, SADFA, the Selborne College Military Band and
A-Coy Cadets, 1st Cambridge Scouts and 2nd Gonubie Sea Scouts.

Commemoration included a  flypast shortly before the Last Post at 1100.

Wreaths were laid by Buffalo City Council and Municipality, ex-service
organisations, Selborne and Clarendon schools, East London Caledonian
Society and on behalf of the non-statutory forces.


At the East London District quarterly  meeting on 30 October 2023,  District Old Bill  Wayne McKay awarded the Recruiting Trophy to Port Rex Old Bill Clegg Naude.
District Deputy Old Bill Clegg Naude awarded the Attendance Trophy to Gonubie Old Bill Robin Fourie

Re-enactment of the 4th Frontier War

All East London District’s Shellholes were represented at the frontier war reenactment of the 4th Frontier War at Macleantown on Saturday 9 September 2023.

The House of amaNdlambe intimated a desire to tell the story of the Eastern Cape frontier in order to promote knowledge and understanding among the people of the province.

MOTHs Dave Rankin (Buffalo-Dixie) and Tony Step (Outpost) became involved in the planning.  Other MOTH present at the reenactment were George De Lange (Port Rex), Claude Hundermark (Gonubie), FOM Wade Lynch (Port Rex) and Haldane Cunningham (Buffalo-Dixie).

Chief Ndlambe participated in 4 of the 9 wars between 1779 and 1879 and was a skilled strategist in war and in peace.  The 4th Frontier War (1811-1812) was selected by the amaNdlambe for the reenactment .  The site chosen is where his great place stood and near where he is buried.

AGM – 7 August 2023

At the East London District AGM held on Monday 7 August Past Provincial Old Bill Maurice Abrams inducted the incoming District Exco.

On Sunday 25 June 2023, members of Kaffrarian Rifles Association, SA Legion, E.L. Caledonian Society Pipe Band and MOTH’s met at East London MOTH Hall to commemorate the fall of Tobruk in 1942, when only 160 Kaffrarian Rifles members escaped capture.  Among them were L. H. “Bill” Bailie and “Toys” Norton who were on the run for 38 days.  By the end of World War 2, Bailie had been MC and Bar and Norton VC and MM.

Guest of honour was Tobruk veteran and former RSM Amatola Commando, Butler van der Vyver MMM.  Butler is now in his 103rd year and still going strong.  A special thank you to his daughter Roslyn Allen who is always on hand as chauffeur.

InterShellhole Quiz 24 February 2023

Ten teams participated in the InterShellhole Quiz hosted by Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on Friday 24 February 2023.
A special twist was the inclusion of an impossible question (no correct answer) in 4 of the 5 categories. Spotting the impossible question earned 2 points. Any other answer was -2.

1st place: Quizardry
2nd place: 3 Jacks and a Jill
3rd place: Gonubie Shellhole
Thank you to Stoffel Fourie and team for the catering.

2 September 2022

Buffalo-Dixie hosted the East London District Intershellhole Quiz on Friday 2 September 2022.
The winners were The Fantastic Four.

The centenary unveiling and rededication of Cambridge War Memorial.

The centenary unveiling and rededication of Cambridge War Memorial, East London. Until amalgamation in 1941, Cambridge and East London were separate
municipalities. The memorial was unveiled on 16 July 1922 by Brig-Gen J.J. Byron.

The unveiling was done by RSM Butler van der Vyver (102 years old).  Former
RSM of Amatola Commando and stalwart of Gonubie Shellhole.

MOTH 95th Celebrations.

East London District celebrated the Order’s 95th Birthday on Saturday 7 May 2022.

At 1600 East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band led 51 MOTH / FoM / MOTHWA on parade, with a strategically timed flyover.  East London Caledonian Society (founded 1876) and MOTH have a 95-year shared history and ELCS was awarded Certificate of Good Comradeship in 2011.

Among the Blokes present were Butler van der Vyver (Gonubie Shellhole) still going strong at 101, MOTH Bernadette Roberts (Outspan Shellhole – Port Elizabeth), MOTH Johan Hattingh (OB Hexagon Shellhole – Queenstown) and his wife Henda.

The Band played while the Blokes drew rations for the traditional MOTH toasts.  After a 3-course meal prepared by MOTH ladies, MOTH Trevor King swapped his No 1’s for his DJ glad rags and provided the evening’s entertainment.


Easter egg hunt

Thanks to the initiative of Wade Lynch (Port Rex), an Easter Egg Hunt was organised on 9 April 2022 for the children at CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.  Representatives from Port Rex and Buffalo-Dixie Shellholes were on hand to assist.

Thank you to the Blokes of East London District who generously donated the Easter eggs.

Opening of new braai facility – 7 November 2021


Remembrance Parade 7 November 2021

Kaffrarian Rifles Association commemorates the fall of Tobruk

Every year the Kaffrarian Rifles Association commemorates the fall of Tobruk on 21 June 1942 when almost the whole Regiment was taken into captivity.

Although Covid-19 lockdown prevented commemoration in June, the memory of the defenders’ ordeal is kept alive.  Covid-19 necessitated the dinner becoming a lunch, but the spirit of the occasion stayed constant.
Guest of honour was RSM Butler van der Vyver, now in his 101st year, and one of the few remaining WW2 veterans.  East London District Old Bill Brent Davis presented a Certificate of Appreciation (1/1) to Butler in honour of his service as a soldier during and after WW2, to the MOTH and to the community.
Pipes and Drums alerted the diners to take their seats.   The attendance of members of the local reenactment group dressed as a Falschirmjaer and an SBS Corporal reminded everyone of the reality of what happened nearly 80 years ago.

We will remember them.

Friend Of The MOTH,  Wade Lynch, who inniated the project, thanks all MOTHs from Buffalo-Dixie, Port Rex, Gonubie and Outpost Shellholes as well as the public in East London for contributing to the pet food collection for Pet Pals.
It is hoped this will become an annual pet food collection.
left to right: Maurice Abrams, Wade Lynch, Jannie Bezuidenhoutm Stoffel Fourie, Pet Pals caretaker, Rob.

8th  November 2020 – Remembrance Parade

East London District held its Remembrance Service at the Garden of Remembrance on Sunday 8 November 2020.  The opportunity was taken to present MOTH Barry Wade with his E Badge.

Although Covid-19 regulations placed restrictions on this years’ service, We Will Remember Them.

10th  November 2019

East London District fell in for the Remembrance Service on Sunday 10 November 2019.  The welcome and much-needed rain did not stop the blokes in the performance of their duty, although all were soon, in the Scots saying,”fair drookit”

The parade was led by East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band.  Although the regiment is busy with ongoing training before deployment, the Buffalo Volunteer Rifles provided a platoon and sentries for the service.  Selborne College Brass Band played for the hymns and the national anthem and provided the bugler for Last Post & Reveille.  It was a pleasure to see East London’s oldest veteran (99 years) MOTH Butler van der Vyver (Gonubie Shellhole) again in attendance.

After the civic service, the MOTH’s repaired to the MOTH Hall for a private service and special mention was made of blokes who answered the sunset call since the last Remembrance service.

Photo Credit: MOTH Mike Stone

G-Badges Awarded

Shirley Thompson & Mike Goss received the G-Badge and certificates of Good Comradeship for non-MOTHs for unselfish duties to the MOTH cause.

Mike is a Social Member at Outpost Shellhole and Chairman of the East London District MESCA Residents’ Association. Shirley is a member of the Hall Committee.

Certificates & badges were awarded by East London District Old Bill Ray Glover during the East London District Quarterly meeting.

October 11th 2019

East London District hosted its last quiz evening for 2019 on 11 October.

At half time the contestants broke for supper, which was chicken 7’s. This was an appropriate selection as some of the teams were at 6’s and 7’s.

Round 1 General Knowledge – winners Team Mothballs
Round 2 Slummies – De La Salle A, De La Salle B & Team Mothballs tied for 1st place. De La Salle A won the tie-breaker
Round 3 Sport – winners Deputy Dogs
Round 4 Music & Entertainment – winners East Coast Brainwaves
Round 5 Science & Technology – winners 3 Thorns & A Rose
Round 6 Lost At Sea – winners Deputy Dogs.

The Gypseys “won” last place.
4th place: De La Salle B
3rd place: 3 Thorns & A Rose
2nd place: Deputy Dogs
1st place: Team Mothballs

Thank you to organisers and sponsors.


On 19 August 2019 E.C. Provincial Old Bill Van Oosten officiated at the induction of East London District executive.  The new executive is:

District Old Bill Ray Glover;
District Wee Bill Mike Stone;
District Pay Bill Jannie Bezuidenhout
District Adjutant Brent Davis.

This was an extra-special occasion as MOTH Brent Davis was awarded his E-Badge in well-earned recognition of his service to the Order and to its ideals of True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory

5 July: Raid to Albatross

In the early hours of Friday 5 July, the Aloe Raiders (East London District)
set out on an ultra-top-secret mission.  Their destination: Albatross
Shellhole in Knysna.  Their objective: true comradeship, mutual help and
sound memories.  So successful was the security that nobody at Albatross
knew of the impending raid – except, perhaps, the executive and the blokes.

Mopping up operations continued throughout Saturday 6 July, with the
intrepid soldiers braving the hazards of Shellhole, wine farm and fishing
club.  VK (Victory in Knysna) was declared and the raiding party returned to
base on Sunday 7 July.  No dead or missing were reported.



Tobruk Night – June 2019

On Friday 21 June 2019 East London District joined members of the Kaffrarian Rifles (now Buffalo Volunteer Rifles) in commemorating Tobruk Night.

On this day in 1942, Tobruk fell to the Afrika Korps led by Lt-General Erwin Rommel.  Almost the entire 2nd South African Infantry Division, including
the Kaffrarian Rifles, was captured.  Some Kaffrarian Rifles members such as “Bill” Bailie MC* and “Toys” Norton VC managed to escape and continued to
serve to the end of the war.  The POWs were interned in Italy and in Germany.  Some managed to escape and returned to South Africa or served with
Italian partisans.  Others suffered the deprivations and death marches that accompanied the fall of the 3rd Reich.  After WW2 the regiment reformed and
rebuilt as a top citizen force infantry regiment and has in operations as varied as Operation Savannah and peace-keeping duties in DRC and elsewhere.

Tobruk Night has been commemorated annually and honours those who willingly gave so much so freely.  At 98 years of age, Butler van der Vyver, the
regiment’s last survivor of Tobruk, continues to be an honoured guest and his memories of the occasion are spell-binding.  Regimental historian, Major
(rtd) Anthony Step provides meticulously researched “big picture” details.

We Will Remember Them.

Pub Evening Quiz – 5th April

When the Battle’s O’er – 11 November 2018

A tribute to the Battles O’er

There were 4 MOTH present: Rev. Denis de Lange (Port Rex) who did a short service and Old Bill Claude Hundermark, Jonno Neethling and Dave Rankin (Buffalo-Dixie)

East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band joined in the worldwide tribute to the 2000 pipers who lost their lives during World War 1. In each country, the retreat march “Battle’s O’er” was played at 0600 local time. The Armistice was signed at 0600 (GMT + 1) effective 1100. After the band marched into position, Rev. Denis de Lange gave a short service reminding all of the purpose of the parade. The retreat march was played at 0600, followed by the lament “Flowers of the Forest” for all the fallen of all wars

11th  November Parade

A large contingent of ex-Servicemen and a platoon from Buffalo Volunteer Rifles paraded at the Remembrance Service held at the Cenotaph in East
London. A special tribute was the flypast of 11 aircraft at 11:00.

We will remember them.


On Sunday 6 October, East London District hosted a recruitment drive at a Family Fun Day hosted by church group LIA (Love In Action).  The stall was set up and manned by members Buffalo-Dixie, Gonubie & Port Rex Shellholes and MOTHWA.  While there were many lulls in activity, the stall proclaimed MOTH activity in East London District, dispelled the myth that the Order is a relic of the Great War and attracted the interest of potential 3rd Generation recruits

East London District Annual Potjie Competition

East London District hosted its annual potjie competition at the MOTH complex. Contestants from Buffalo-Dixie, Gonubie and Port Rex Shellholes as well as Cambridge Lions and De La Salle Old Boys Association.

The Lions, who entered 7 pots, had a mini-competition between themselves.

1st place: Beverley Miles of Lions

Battle of Britain Commemoration Service 9 Sept 2018

East London District joined members of the Royal Air Force Association and
the S. A. Legion for the Battle of Britain Commemoration Service held on
Sunday 9 September 2018.The Reverend Barry Wittstock conducted the service.  East London Caledonian
Society Pipe Band led the parade and played the lament “Flowers of the
Forest”.  Selborne College supplied the trumpeter for Last Post and
Reveille.  The Fly Past was courtesy of Border Aviation Club.DEDICATION: In friendship and in service, one to another, we are pledged to
keep alive the memory of those of all nations who died in the Royal Air
Force and the Air Forces of the Commonwealth.  In their name we give
ourselves to this noble cause.  Proudly and thankfully, we will remember

Remembrance – 12th November 2017

Remembrance Day was observed at a service held at the Cenotaph in East London on Sunday 12 November 2017.  Special tribute was given to the 607 men  of the S.A. Native Labour Contingent who died when their ship, SS Mendis, sank after a collision in 1917.

Potjie Time  Saturday 21 October 2017

East London District held its annual potjie competition in aid of MESCA on  Saturday 21 October 2017. Gonubie Shellhole emerged as the champions.


East London District repulsed a surprise attack on 7 July 2017.

The dashing Falschirmjager leader (a) had recently returned from invading
Crete and, apart from being a German, is also a cretin.

His fellow Falschirmjager (b) came Russian from the front to join forces
with members of the Waffen SS (c & d) in the daring night-time raid.  The
meticulous planning went awry when only whisky was available for the
pre-raid toast ( e) and something “schnapped” (f).

82nd Airborne (g) took the opportunity to launch a successful
counter-attack.  In true Hollywood fashion, the hero gets the girl.  Here
(h) he is seen whispering those tender words “would you like fries with

Re-opening of the East London Drill Hall June 2017

East London District MOTH were well represented at the reopening of the
Buffalo Volunteer Rifles (formerly Kaffrarian Rifles) Drill Hall.

The Hall has been closed for extensive renovations and upgrading.

In his speech, the GOC SA Army Infantry Formation spoke of the challenges
facing Reserve Forces and singled out the MOTH order as an important
participant in storing South Africa’s military history and in providing a
support base for the maintenance of a competent and capable Defence Force


The Lions Club of Cambridge (East London) hosted a potjie competition on
Saturday 25 February 2017.  Funds raised went to McClelland Adult Centre for
the Intellectually Impaired.  Buffalo-Dixie and Port Rex Shellholes
participated.   The competition was won by Kempston Group.  This was the
first attempt at such a competition by Lions, who may be relied on to
support the East London District potjie competition in aid of M.E.S.C.A.