East London 2.4

As you are probably aware, an ex-NSM in Australia, Ian Van, (Van who is something only he knows. J ) started an initiative “SADF 2.4km”. The idea is to reunite the National Service generation and maintain its traditions. (Look the group up on Facebook). He is also using this to encourage financial support of the 32 Battalion veterans, who were abandoned by the last government and are being ignored by the current.

On the first Saturday of every month Border War veterans, scattered from Canada to Australia, meet to run the 2,4. Staaldak, webbing en geweer are not required.

October saw the 4th such meeting and this month was dedicated to the Parabats (Image 1) in recognition of their support for the initiative.

East London District organised a big screen viewing of the SA v. Scotland with a bring and braai. This encouraged the East London SADF 2.4km group to change venue. For 3 months we have met at Blue Lagoon, because the beach is flat and The Highlander Pub is next door. It is impossible to run anywhere near the MOTH Hall without encountering uphills, but the beer is considerably cheaper. As our American cousins say, it’s a no-brainer.

Of the group, only 2 (Dennis de Lange and David Rankin) are MOTH and the others expressed their surprise at discovering the size of the complex in East London.

I have no idea what the situation is in other centres, but it is a wake-up call that people who might otherwise have a strong interest in MOTH are unaware of the Order and their eligibility to be members. The non-MOTH runners have been invited to visit Buffalo-Dixie and Port Rex Shellholes and have undertaken to attend.

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