East London District hosted its last quiz evening for 2019 on 11 October.

At half time the contestants broke for supper, which was chicken 7’s. This was an appropriate selection as some of the teams were at 6’s and 7’s.

Round 1 General Knowledge – winners Team Mothballs
Round 2 Slummies – De La Salle A, De La Salle B & Team Mothballs tied for 1st place. De La Salle A won the tie-breaker
Round 3 Sport – winners Deputy Dogs
Round 4 Music & Entertainment – winners East Coast Brainwaves
Round 5 Science & Technology – winners 3 Thorns & A Rose
Round 6 Lost At Sea – winners Deputy Dogs.

The Gypseys “won” last place.
4th place: De La Salle B
3rd place: 3 Thorns & A Rose
2nd place: Deputy Dogs
1st place: Team Mothballs

Thank you to organisers and sponsors.