East London District

EastLondonJan15SADF 2.4 km: Great turnout in East London. Best time just over 10 minutes. Last in 1 hour 18 minutes 43 seconds. That pair denies having leopard crawled the whole way and insists there was a detour to the field hospital. Reps from infantry / paras, tiffies, maintenance, engineers, navy. Due to demand this may become a twice monthly event.

The support group – on the verandah and behind the photographer, is about the same size.

Not all the participants are MOTH, but as the SADF 2.4 km group is intended for SADF veterans, those who participate are either potential MOTH or related to potential MOTH. In the short time the group has been active (from Australia through to Canada), East London has attracted favourable attention and interest in the MOTH order has been expressed by potential recruits who were otherwise unaware of the Order.