“Ek Was Daar”

Recently it was the MOTH Museums & Memorials (MM&M) committee’s pleasure, to obtain the official first sign-in by Old Bill of the Order 2021 Moth Dup, in the newly installed, ‘Ek Waas Daar’ book.

This initiative was an inclusion to the museums latest exhibit depicting an area designated for all ‘Ou Manne’ and ‘Ou Dames’, who served both on the borders, and within South Africa under the SADF banner.

On your next visit to Warriors Gate, Durban, ensure you leave your legacy, and be part of your museums historical addition, by penning in this book at the Border War Exhibit area.

Moth Mike Lee
Chairman – MOTH Museums and Memorials

Old Bill of the Order 2021-2022, Dup du Plessis signs the 1st entry in the book “Ek Was Daar”

For more info see Click to go to “Warriors Gate”