Queensburgh Community Services noticed a fire at 02:15 on Monday morning 17th July.  Security and residents were notified and the evacuation plans took effect, and the Flame Lily Park Chairman was notified and he was on site by 03:00.
Upon roll-call being taken, it was found that one elderly resident was absent.  She was found in her flat but was unresponsive and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful.  She resided in one of the smoke-affected units.

Of the 12 flats in the affected block, three were destroyed by the fire, three were subject to smoke damage, two by water and one suffered some broken windows.  The remaining three flats remain unaffected.  The burnt-out units have since been electrically isolated and Victory Park’s electricity has been switched back on by the Council.
Insurers have visited Victory Park, accompanied by their own Building Inspector and an insurance-approved compliance certificate will be issued.
Displaced tenants have been temporarily housed at Flame Lily Park or have moved to family/friends.

A request for assistance was independently posted on social media and the response from the general community has been beyond belief.  Almost instantly, donations of every type came in.  Pick-‘n-Pay, Checkers and others provided foodstuffs for immediate use and all tenants were fed, and tea and coffee was available for all throughout the day.
Pledges of other material support have also been astounding.  Companies have offered services to clean and repaint the damaged flats while others have pledged various furniture items.  Trauma Counselling was also made available.

However, only about 10 people have been negatively affected, but donations of every kind occupied substantial floor-space Victory Shellhole’s hall, and various other available spaces.
The nominated “Crisis Committee” is in process of determining what the actual immediate needs might be, such as clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste & toothbrushes, hairbrushes, deodorant, etc), towels, bedsheets, etc.
Medication is also being addressed for those on chronic prescriptions.

At the special meeting called by Mainline District on Monday evening, it was agreed that there will in future be a Communication Channel in place so that such needs could be met with suitable incoming donations. This Communication Plan will list the First Contact individual who, in turn, will notify respective individuals as the situation sees fit.

Social Media must only be used when approved by those specific individuals, as it has been seen that many posts have been entirely incorrect, which has caused substantial misinformation and rumours being spread.
The Mainline District Dugout will manage all incoming financial donations and communicate such with FLP management.  These funds to be used to cover the various incidental costs that will occur.

All potential donors have been notified that they should hold off on any action until the managing team have established actual needs against what have already been donated.  Once a formal schedule has been drafted, this team will perhaps request additional assistance.  In the meantime, all MOTH Units and their members are requested to simply “Stand By” until further notice.

On behalf of the All those involved with the solution to the crisis at the Victory Park Cottage Complex, we extend our most grateful thanks to all who have expressed concern for the well-being of those affected and those that have unselfishly offered assistance of whatever kind.