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      1. MOTH Nominal Roll System
      2. MOTH Smartedge book keeping system
      3. Moth Circulars
      4. Moth Training Manual
      5. Moth Training Guide researched and written by Moth Trevor Thomas – Reveille Shellhole
      6. Military Veteran Websites to visit
      7. Clubs

Application forms to Join the MOTH

Click here for an application form to join the MOTH

Transfer Certificate

This certificate is to be used by all Moth Shellholes when transferring a Moth from one Shellhole to another. It is important that the Shellhole that receives the new recruits advises the unit he transferred from within 30 days of his acceptance.

Transfer Certificate 20200405

MOTH Constitution

This Document details the parameters to which the Moth operates. The document can only be a amended a General Head Quarters meeting, which are normally held an May and November. November being our AGM as well. The following quote from Moth O is of utmost importance

It’s The Spirit that Counts

“There never has been, nor ever can be, a perfect constitution; nor will new laws cease. The most we common mortals can do is to observe the rules and then between the lines discover the simple truth … that in true brotherhood ‘It’s the spirit that counts.’”


Click here for the updated MOTH Constitution


How to install plaques at Mount Memory

With Reference to Moth GHQ Circular 2020.3 of 17 January 2020, please note the revised application form/order process as well the procedure to be followed for SCATTERING of CREMAINS at Moth Memorials

GHQ 2020.03 Mount Memory Plaque Application form-Process-and-Information.pdf

MT Memory Moth Plaque Application form – GHQ 2020-1

Scattering of Cremains at Moth Memorials – FULL CEREMONY PROTOCOL-1


MOTH Nominal Roll System

This system tracks the number of members the MOTH has and which Shellhole they belong to. It also contains the information at to where and when shellhole meet. It is the source for the Moth Directory. Access is restricted and requires user id and password

MOTH Nominal Roll System


MOTH Smartedge System

This system is used by all units of the MOTH to do their Accounting.Access is restricted and requires user id and password

MOTH Smartedge System


Moth Circulars

Click here to read the circular re the Founding of the Moth

Letter re Covit-19 Gazette document no 43107: GHQ 2020.07 Covid-19 Goverment Notice  &  Gazette 43107_18 March 2020

Moth Training Manual

Click here to download the Moth Training Manual

Moth Training Guide

Researched and written by Moth Trevor Thomas – Reveille Shellhole.

Click here to download the Moth Training Guide

Military Veteran Websites to visit – Click the link below


The idea behind forming a club is to involve fellow MOTHs and members of the community into participating in some form of social activity. This will advertise the Order and hopefully gain some new members.

Click here for the Clubs details.