Greetings from the Old Bill of the Order

Dear fellow Moths


13 December 2021


With the holidays just around the corner, we look back upon the past year and acknowledge all those who have helped to shape our Order to what it is at present. Thank you for a great year. Some decisions, and some in the pipeline, have been made in terms of the MOTH going forward and I am sure that these changes will pay dividends in the near future.

We need to further reflect on some other matters such as Covid and its variants. It is out there and it is real and we need to take the necessary care. But let us not use it as an excuse not to carry on with our obligations regarding the Order. There are ways and means to fulfil the Three Ideals to the benefit of all concerned. My plea to you though is to adhere to the necessary protocols.

One of the greatest joys of the Season is to say thanks to all the members contributing willingly and involved in the activities of their Shellholes. That’s what makes the heart warm. I would very much like to visit as many Shellholes as possible in the new year, circumstances permitting.

Hiermee wens ek u almal, my mede Moths, ‘n hartlike, liefdevolle en vreugdevolle Kersfees toe. Laat ons nooit vergeet dat dié wat ons vooraf gegaan het, steeds in ons gedagtes is en dat ons hulle sal onthou.

Vir u en u gesin net my beste wense. Mag 2022 ‘n geseënde en voorspoedige jaar wees.

In Diens van die MOTH

Johann du Plessis Old Bill van Die Orde