HARD TACK Shellhole Christmas held at the Umkomaas Golf club

I wanted to go and visit my ‘Mature’ MOTH Friend Doug Smith this last Saturday 19th December and he informed me that he was going to go to the HARD TACK Shellhole Christmas which was to be held at the Umkomaas Golf club from 12 noon.

I really wanted to see Doug as we had been friends for a very long time and I do try and get to see him at the Retirement Home that he resides at, Lake View in Scottburgh, but now Saturday he will be in Umkomaas, well so what, it is a little closer to Durban and at least we can have a few beers together at the golf club. Problem is that I (war correspondent) did not know where the Umkomaas golf club was. So I contacted the Old Bill of Hard Tack, Clive Tabb and he gave me directions, nearly 65 kms from my place in Morningside. Well I got there in good time and as I entered the golf club, Clive was walking out to his car, but was invited in. Well Clive’s wife was there and so was Doug, and so the Christmas lunch time drinks started and a while later I asked Clive if it was possible that I could join in for the Hard Tack lunch and that appeared to be ok and the money for the lunch was handed over (R85,00) It really was a super 3 course meal and worth every ‘penny’ of it.

A fantastic time was had by all. Neville and his wife Ann Lynn travelled from Witbank so that they would be able to attend the lunch, which necessitated for them to leave at 3,00am. Very commendable ! !

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