Information about Moth Savannah Shellhole

About Savannah Shellhole

Savannah Shellhole was formed on the 4th of September 2002. The Shellhole is as a result of a merge between Dan Pienaar Shellhole and Old Rifle Range Shellhole. Both these shellholes had many years of experience and were well known and supported in the MOTH community. The merge saw a new name being MOTH Savannah Shellhole,  remembering Operation Savannah 1975 which took part in Angola, a battle remembered by 3rd generation Moths.

We Pride ourselves, in being a Shellhole whose members are on average younger than most other shellholes, but more important, extremely committed to the MOTH and the various functions held, especially MOTH Parades and supporting Cottage functions, enabling them to raise funds. The small shellhole of less than 30 Moths, is involved at all levels within the Order, eg Cottage Managements Schemes, District Executives, Province Executives and the National Executive. Members also represent the MOTH as trustees on the National War Fund.

We have a very soft spot for our elder Moths who were involved in the building of our Order and our Shellhole. We are however very aware that we need to get younger blood into the organization if the Order is to survive.

Savannah Executive Members

YearOld BillDeputy Old BillAdjutantPay BillSgt major
2002-2003Richard WilsonRon De RocheStan BrownAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2003-2004Richard WilsonRon De RocheEdwin WelkinAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2004-2005Richard WilsonRon De RocheJimmy FrieslaarAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2005-2006Richard WilsonRon De RocheJimmy FrieslaarAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2006-2007Ron De RocheRichard WilsonJimmy FrieslaarAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2007-2008Ron De RocheRichard WilsonJimmy FrieslaarAndy BodenHuey Frieslaar
2008-2009Ron De RocheRichard WilsonJimmy FrieslaarAndy BodenGavin Holz
2009-2010Ron De RocheJimmy FrieslaarGavin HolzAndy BodenMauro Scaramal
2010-2011Jimmy FrieslaarRon De RocheGavin HolzAndy BodenMauro Scaramal
2011-2012Jimmy FrieslaarGavin HolzGreg Van Der MerweAndy BodenMauro Scaramal
2012-2013Jimmy FrieslaarGavin HolzGreg Van Der MerweTrevor ScrimgeourCraig Schambrook
2013-2014Jimmy FrieslaarGavin HolzGreg Van Der MerweTrevor ScrimgeourCraig Schambrook
2014-2015Jimmy FrieslaarGavin HolzRichard WilsonAndy BodenCraig Schambrook
2015-2016Gavin HolzJimmy FrieslaarRobin StarkeyRory BarnesCraig Schambrook
2016-2017Gavin HolzRobin StarkeyMike RibiRory BarnesTrevor Scrimgeour
2017-2018Gavin HolzRobin StarkeyMike RibiRory BarnesGeoff Lathy
2018-2019Gavin HolzRobin StarkeyBruce GreenRory BarnesGeoff Lathy
2019-2020Robin StarkeyRory BarnesBruce GreenGavin HolzGeoff Lathy
2020-2021Robin StarkeyRory BarnesBruce GreenGavin HolzGeoff Lathy
2021-2022Robin StarkeyRory BarnesBruce GreenGavin HolzSean Blaauw
2022-2023Robin StarkeyRory BarnesRichard WilsonChris HallendorffSean Blaauw

The Shellholes Old Bills of the Order

Peter Coltman1997/ 1998
Stan Brown2003/ 2004
Andy Boden2016/ 2017

The Shellholes Certificates of Merit awards

Peter Coltman (Old Rifle Range)1963
Peter De Villiers (Old Rifle Range/Dan Pienaar)1999
Stan Brown2002
Andy Boden2004
Richard Wilson2007
Ron De Roche2007
Robin Ford2007

Roll of Honour

Larry Viljoen18-Jan-03
Doc Barry11-Apr-05
Stan Brown18-May-06
Tiger Evans20-Jun-06
Peter Coltman28-Aug-06
Jim McCall30-Jan-07
Huey Frieslaar20-May-08
Mauro Scaramal29-Sep-12
Neels Claassen14-Mar-13
Neville Morgan31-Aug-18
Ruby Behr17-Oct-18
Dave Strauss29-Dec-18
Craig Anderson12-Aug-19
Tony Surtees10-Aug-20
Bruce Green16-Mar-22



Over the many years the shellhole has held many fund raisers and socials.  Functions include:

  1. Golf Days – at Glenvista
  2. Dinner Dance
  3. Beer Fests,
  4. Open Days,
  5. Raids to other shellholes, including 80th, 85th and 90th Anniversary of the MOTH.
  6. Christmas Tree for Children – No cost to the Children
  7. Dickie Fritz End of year Fete and Parade
  8. Inter District Sports Day
  9. Attend most parades in the area

We hope to continue with these activities, and more, for many years to come. The highlight of these events is the support from all the members.