Looking for info re: Moth Walter Puntis

A request from the family to find information about a family member Moth Puntis

Are you able to assist in any way?

PUNTIS, Walter Ernest (Lieut Col) OBE
Born: 1880 07 06 / Died: 1944 04 27

A MOTH when he died in Johannesburg in April 1944.

I recall my grandmother, Gwendolene (Walter’s wife) reading a yellowing newspaper clipping – his obituary – which mentioned a large turn-out at his funeral including many of The MOTHS. My grandmother also told us that The MOTHS had helped her after his death. He also had the helmet with MOTHS across the top.

We are trying to put together a family history and all the people that might have been able to help us have passed on.

If you have an archive section, I would be grateful to learn how I can access it, alternatively, if you could help us with any documents, maybe a copy of that obituary too, we would be most appreciative.

In anticipation,

Hamilton McLeod
[email protected]