Lord Allenby

Dear Andy,

An important update regarding the cottages that burnt down.
They have now been rebuilt and the residents are moving back in.
Please can you put it on the website and once again thank all those MOTH’s and Shellholes who donated so generously to our plight.
Will try to include some photos next time


Lord Allenby committee
Dave Green
Old Bill

Dear Editor.

We would like to thank all those generous shellholes and MOTH individuals who have donated towards the rebuilding of our cottages that were gutted by fire in June. I might say that the excess, after insurance, that we will have to pay has almost been reached and we are expecting more donations from certain individuals and organisations. Besides monetory donation we have also received clothing, linen, crockery and help with accomadation for those residents that have been effected. The masonary work is already complete, the roof is on and the builders are now busy with the electrics and plumbing. We are hoping that all will be ready early in the new year.

This is a list of those Shellholes and individuals from the MOTH Order who have made donations. If I have left any one out, i apologise:- Twilight Saints Raiders, Victory, Del Mein, Winston Churchill, Journeys End, Xumeni/Border, Boot and Saddle,

Allen Wilson, Del Mein Social Club, Better Hole, Highway, Flame Lily, Shrapnil/Kum A Kye, Twilight, Rhumbelow, Free State and Northern Cape Provincial Dugout, Fort Pearson, Comrades, Combined Ops, Bartle Road Cottages, Splash Rock, Atomic, Cinder City, George Coombs, MMA Coal Fields, Tripoli, Jacky Fisher, Port Natal Sharpshooters, Monte Stanco, Sentinel and Siege Town. There is a donation from the Mothwa but does not specify from where and also one or two unknowns.

From the Moths at Lord Allenby Shellhole and the residents at our cottages, A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

Ant Russell
Wee Bill