Lockdown Relief Fund

No little child will ever starve or suffer needless pain,
The aged will live their twilight years in sunshine, not in rain,
The crippled we will help to walk, the blind we’ll help to see,
The wonders of God’s handiwork in all its majesty.
To feed, to clothe, to build again, where hopes should shattered be,
This is the crowning MOTH ideal, to help humanity.

This is an initiative taken by the Platinum MMA at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have created a means to provide essential supplies to anyone who has found themselves in dire need of assistance as a result of the Corona virus lock-down. Our target end-users are Moths and other ex-servicemen, elderly, children, and handicapped persons. We supply to cottage schemes, households and individuals alike, and we have embarked on this endeavour through the implementation of the following two processes:

  1. We have secured food and grocery donations from a number of Spar, Boxer, Food Zone, and PicknPay outlets. These are collected on a regular basis and stored at our facility in Honeydew. These supplies are of a wide range of foodstuff and groceries from long-lasting non-perishables to fresh produce. These are sorted and repacked where possible and made ready for distribution to those in need.
  2. Our Provincial Treasurer has set up an account in Smartedge where we are able to record financial donations from anyone wanting to assist through a direct deposit into the MMA account. This account is used to purchase and supply food parcels from wholesalers on request as when the funds allow.

We have prepared all relevant Lock-down documentation to provide anyone who is collecting or delivering for us, and this is arranged as required. In this regard, we have already made a substantial number of deliveries to date in Gauteng and attached are a few sample photos taken at recent drop-offs. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to make contact with any of the MMA members listed on this site

Some feedback:

  • Good afternoon Moth Kevin. On behalf of the Savannah Shellhole Executive and members I would like to thank you and the MMA for assisting our member Moth Colin. It must be made known to all how much help and assistance the MMA give. A simple phone call was all that was needed to get Moth Colin some help. Let it be spread far and wide that the MMA are truly the unsung heroes of the MOTH. Thanks again, yours in True Comradeship, Moth Bruce.
  • Afternoon all, thanks to the MMA for the Mutual Help much appreciated, Robin.
  • Mags, you just don’t give up on helping others. You are an inspiration. A sincere thank you. Craig.
  • Evening All. Thanks to Jacques today for providing and delivering food to some very needy individuals on his own and in his personal capacity – true helping hand. MMA Exec.
  • Hi Kev. Thank you, Wessie was in touch with me and have identified some folk who could benefit from your MMA members kindness. Great initiative. Thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated. Kind regards, Kevin. East Rand District.
  • My dear friend, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the parcel you guys send. It is greatly appreciated. We had the mouse for dessert today and some of the veggies for lunch. I made a smoothly with some of the fruit and yogurt. And a banana bread. I am really grateful for all you and the MMA do for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Name withheld by request.
  • A huge big thank you goes out to Cosy Corner Shellhole and MMA Platinum for the food they supplied to TS Springs. With these wonderful donations many of the families of the Sea Cadets were fed. Many of these families have not received anything from the government. Lt Cmdr Chris Hand, OC of TS Springs thanks you all. Well done MMA Platinum and Cosy Corner SH. Moth Thinus Prinsloo, Pretoria District Old Bill
  • Morning Moth Kevin. During these difficult times it is often very hard to find assistance and sometimes even more difficult to ask for it. I am personally very grateful to you and the MMA for the assistance you have given out to a Brother Moth in need and would again for the second time express the Shellholes appreciation for your assistance. I have said it to both yourself and Moth Wessie that the MMA must receive the highest accolades for what they are presently doing. Best wishes, Yours in True Comradeship, Bruce Green, Savannah Shellhole Adjutant. 
  • Hi Wessie. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for my family and I. May our Heavenly Father bless you abundantly. With sincere appreciation. Cheryl X x
  • Thanks a million from the residents of MOTH Cottesloe Homes for this much needed food. Living on a SASSA pension is no joke
  • Just wanna say thanks to you, the MOTHS and all who assisted, 🙏👍
  • Thanks very much we appreciate you and your wife for all your hard work I know you two are the core of this God bless both of you
  • Hi Kevin. Just to let you know I received the food parcel from Mark this morning and have delivered it to Willie and Faith. They are very thankful for the parcel. Thank you so much for the assistance with them. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Love to Mrs G. Keep safe and warm. Regards Lesley.
  • Dankie aan Kevin en Ms G vir die hulp met die kospakkies ons kon mense help om kos op hul tafel te sit dankie aan Johan en Venessa wat my afgestaan het om dit moontlik te maak om dit te gaan afhaal en te kom aflewer.
  • Hi Wessie. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no words to tell you how much  I appreciate all you have done for my family and I. May our Heavenly Father bless you abundantly. With sincere appreciation. Cheryl X
  • Hi Wessie, Oh my gosh I can’t thank you enough for all the food. We were gobsmacked at how much you have given us and so many luxuries 😁😁😁. Levi is so excited to have Coco Pops. Seeing the delight on his face was so precious. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May you all be abundantly blessed. Thank you so so much 💕💋💗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • WARRIOR Shellhole Newsletter June 2020 (Click here to read)
  • Certificate of appreciation MESCA West Rand (Click here to read)

Bikers against Racism and Farm Murders 29th August 2020

Thousands of Bikers against farm murders and racism converged at Union Buildings in Pretoria in a bid to get government to act against farm killings in the country. White crosses and roses were laid at the lawns of the Union buildings, paying tribute to farmers who have lost their lives violently. MMA Platinum were proud to take part and show support along with other MMA chapters around the country

Coalfields Jacob Akers Run 04th October 2020

Jacob Akers is a young boy who is a twin that suffered an intrauterine stroke. He was born with hydrocephalus as a result, and does not have a full brain. He also has a VP shunt. He was born with a myelomeningocele (spina bifida) and numerous other complications.

It is extremely difficult to sustain his medication and nutrition requirements as well as manage his body functions.

Coalfields Chapter hosted a run with the aid of East Rand Chapter to Gondar Shellhole in Middelburg on Sunday 4th October to raise funds for this courageous young boy.

The group departed early morning in good weather with a bit of mist here and there. Passing Daveyton the mist got worse and the further the pack rode the worse the mist got.  Added to that were the rode works. At times the riders couldn’t see further than 50 meters in front.

Coalfields welcomed the Jhb and Pretoria chapters at Middleburg mall and then rode in convoy with young Jacob to Gondar Shellhole where the MMA were treated to a lunch of curry and rice and the handing over of the donations to Jacob.

Message from Moth Kokkie Smit who instigated the run: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the awesome support for Jacob. Coalfields are proud to be part of this fine group of men and women of the MMA. With the ticket sales, donations and the food sales we managed to raise about R 3,500 today. This along your generous donation means that today we have raised more than R10,000 for Jacob. Well done and may God bless your generosity.”

Well done Mike, Kokkie, Makou and the rest of Coalfields.

First Post-Lock-down gathering 16th August 2020

After 4 agonizing months of Lock down and no motorcyle riding, our bums were itching to take to the saddle and once again do what we do best – ride. The venue was the Cock & Bull restaurant in Hartebeesport dam.

Barberton Parade 7th February 2020

The MMA Platinum attended the Pro-Patria Parade in Barberton, once gain facing wet weather both on the road as well as the parade ground. A scenic ride to the Lowveld and back made special by the hospitality of the Lone Tree Shellhole and Lowveld/Mpumalanga Moths.

South Eastern Transvaal Run 19th January 2020

This was one of those memorable runs which we will definitely do again, perhaps mostly due to the heavy rain we had to negotiate for the most part of the run. The countryside was spectacular and the MOTH hospitality along the way was outstanding. We visited 5 Shellholes along the way, rode almost 900km, and enjoyed excellent camaraderie in true MOTH style.

Year end function 16th November 2019

The 2019 annual year-end function took place at the Provincial Chairman’s house. The garden lunch was well attended and celebrated an early Christmas as well as the gathering of fellow MMA members. Thanks to organisers Mrs G, Petru and Mark Joubert, and of course the “Cook” for the day JJ, the party was a huge success.

KZN Run 19th October 2019

This run was well attended and included a combined meeting of the S. Kzn, Kzn, and Platinum executives as well as a general meeting between the 3 chapters.

Pretoria Breakfast Run 29th September 2019

Stofskop Flat Track Racing 07th September 2019