Pretoria Breakfast Run 29th September 2019

Stofskop Flat Track Racing 07th September 2019

Rotary Vulture Feeding Project 24th August 2019


Rotary Brits has embarked on the construction of a state of art endangered Cape Vulture feeding\monitoring facility:

Vulture populations face many man-made hazards that include a diminishing food source, electrocution on electricity pylons, drowning and ingesting poisons. Vultures are all now highly endangered in Africa. The value of vulture restaurants have been well articulated over the years and include allowing for the monitoring of vulture populations, assisting the population by providing a regular source of safe food, a source of calcium (bone-chips) for bone development in growing chicks, a venue for research, education and awareness. The Rotary Brits Vulture Project commenced in 2011 with the construction of a pond, followed by installation of a water tank, trees for perching, and the construction of a viewing facility in September 2011. Since then, a custom-built trailer to transport Vulture food was delivered in December 2013, trap cameras were purchased, and the final phase construction of a hide including ablution facility and walkway are currently in progress. The aim is to provide close-up viewing of birds by visitors.

Following the MOTH Motorcycle Association involvement earlier in the year in assisting with marshalling the Rotary Club Brits classic car meander around Harties, the MMA were privileged to be invited to the Vulture hide to witness first-hand the feeding of the local population of Cape Vultures. We were treated to a sumptuous breakfast and an extremely enlightening talk on the behaviour of the vultures in the area. Our gratitude goes out to Rotary Club Brits for hosting the morning ride.

Reveille Border War Parade 18th August 2019

Phalaborwa Chapter Namibian Tour July 2019

Prison Run March 2018



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