Joining the MMA Platinum

About the MMA Platinum

 The primary objectives of the MMA Platinum are:

  • The recruitment of new Moths into the Order regardless of whether they qualify for MMA membership or not. This is the prime function and should be held in high priority in all endeavours.
  • Secondly, fund raising activities in line with the specific requirements of clause 2.3 of the MOTH Constitution.

Whilst the Order is a voluntary organization, more so the MMA is an association of Moths and Friends with a common interest in the biker Brotherhood. It is this common interest which binds the group and motivates the interaction between members through social and benevolent events.

The MMA Platinum is subservient to the MOTH and its policies are democratically determined at Provincial general meetings, representing the interests of all its members. Regular meetings are held by MMA members in their Districts or Chapters. Whilst fund-raising constitutes a major portion of the time, recruitment for the Order remains the prime function.

Is the MMA for me? If you are interested in joining our exclusive organisation, ask not what it can do for you but what you can do for the MMA and the MOTH. You will need to demonstrate brotherhood and not material achievements to obtain acceptance in your Chapter.

Eligibility for Membership Qualification for membership of the MMA is set out in the Constitution & General Standing Orders. If what you have read has been of interest to you and you qualify for membership of the MMA in terms of the extract from its eligibility clauses quoted below, why not contact us at the address given at the end of this leaflet? We look forward to making your acquaintance.

Qualification for membership

Subject in all cases to the production to MOTH General Headquarters of satisfactory documentary proof of active service, prospects are eligible for membership of the MMA who satisfy the following:

  1. Membership will only be considered once the applicant has been in the MOTH for at least six months
  2. Applicants must be in possession of a valid motorcycle licence.
  3. Applicants must be the owner of a licensed motorcycle of over 249cc
  4. Any prospective applicant, who has duly handed in a complete and approved membership application form, must attend at least one Provincial general meeting of the MMA before being inducted.

Dress Code

The dress code of the MOTH Motorcycle Association members, and friends of the MOTH Motorcycle Association, is governed by the following:

Derogatory, offensive, inflammatory, crude, obscene, vulgar, or indecent badges whether cloth, metal or otherwise are not permitted on any part of the official MMA waistcoat or dress

  • No South African flag issued before 1994 is permitted on any part of the official MMA waistcoat or dress
  • No badges depicting any political party whatsoever may be displayed on any part of the official MMA waistcoat or dress

When attending MOTH parades, No 1 MOTH attire must be worn.

The official “Colours” always remains the property of the MMA PLATINUM and are to be returned to the MMA by any member leaving the MMA for any reason.

For more information contact:

The Provincial Secretary

[email protected]


Visit our website at

Application forms for Membership

You can find a downloadable version of our application form for membership here

MMA Platinum membership application form

MMA Platinum membership application form