How do I Join?

To join the Moth, a potential member needs to be invited and attend 3 or more Shellhole meetings. The purpose of the meetings is for you to meet the members, and the members to get to know you. During this period of time your eligibility will be confirmed as per the details provided on your application form. After the 3 meetings, your application will be discussed by the Shellhole and as to whether you may join or not. Assuming you are still keen a date and time will be agreed as to when you will be officially installed as Moth.

To join MOTH contact your nearest Shellhole.  They will require that you fill in the an application form.

Application form to join the MOTH   (GHQ1 form) Down load onto your PC. If you have adobe can fill in on your computer. Make sure you save after completing. Electronic signature is acceptable if you have an electric signature.   You can also simply print the PDF  and fill in by hand.

(click here for a full list of Shellholes in South Africa).