Protection of Personal Information

POPI Act of 2013 (Protection of Personal Information)

The MOTH will keep all Personal Information provided by its current and past membership confidential. This information will only be used for tracking and movement of membership within the MOTH and provide statistical information i.r.o of membership only.  The membership data base will never be sold or provided to any military veteran organizations, or any non military entities for any reason whatsoever.

The various Operators that update the Moth Membership Database, or any MOTH members who receive Personal Information from members or possible new members, and or have access to the MOTH Members data base, will keep this personal information safe at all times while in their possession.  At no  point in time will any Personal Information from this database be distributed, or made available, to any person whatsoever.  Any queries regarding personal information must be forwarded to the MOTH Information Officer.

The MOTH Membership Data Base will be secure and will have controlled access that will be protected by user ID and Password as a minimum.  Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, Name, Surname, ID Number / Passport Number, past Military Unit information, Telephone contact Numbers, E-mail Addresses and Physical and/or Postal addresses.

The MOTH Information Officer shall:

  1. Ensure that only valid Operators have access to the MOTH Membership Database.
  2. Ensure that the MOTH Membership Data Base is secure.
  3. Ensure that 5 years after a members status changes from active to non active, the records will no longerbe visible to data base operators for any reason.
  4. Ensure that the all Operators sign the required compliancy statement regarding the Protection of Personal Information within the MOTH.