Memorable Order of Tin Hats turns 94

Happy Birthday to The Memorable Order of Tin Hats

On the 7th of May 1927, the MOTH was founded by Moth Charles Evenden,  known as Moth “O”,  The MOTH, a military veterans organisation that is very unique, in that to become a member, you had to have served in an “Active Theatre of Operation”.  Members from Army, Navy and Airforce joined and live a life of True Comradship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory.  Today with still over 3500 members, Mothing is live and well, despite the fact that the average age of our members is 64. The Organisation looks after many veterans in cottages around the country and very reasonable rates.

Like any organisation we are going through change, and we need to look at how we keep our great organisation going. Do we now remove  the clause in our constitution, “He who fought by my side is my comrade still” and open up to allow anybody that wishes to ensure that the MOTH is never forgotten, be allowed to  join?

Wishing all MOTHS around the world, a very Happy 94th Birthday. You have done us proud.  We look forward to having you all join us for the 95th birthday celebrations in Cape Ton next year.


Andy Boden
Moth Web Master