Moth Calendars

The attached examples of a MOTH desk pad and pop up(tent) calendar for your attention and action.

Tommy Rendle V.C Shellhole based in Rugby , Cape Town  have started this initiative to raise much needed funds for our Shellhole. It would be greatly appreciated if you could forward these examples to your different Shellholes with a view to members purchasing these items. Those that wish to purchase can contact the writer directly who will explain the way forward.

We have based our pricing on a minimum of 200 desk pads/tent calendars to be ordered. If for some reason the demand does not meet the 200 mark then it is not financially viable to print as the costs would escalate tremendously, if however the demand went close to the 300 mark then the price would reduce but for planning purposes one should work on the following price:


DESK PAD CALENDAR                         R55 (based on 200 on 300 price reduces to R47.50)

TENT(POP UP) CALENDAR                 R10 (based on 200 on 300 price reduces to R8.00)

Derek Berry
Adjudant – Tommy Rendle V.C. Shellhole
079 477 1001