Gonubie Shellhole Moth Turns 102

This last Sunday was Gonubie Moths monthly meeting. For the occasion Viv Bezuidenhout collected Old Dalian Butler van der Vyver (left in pic) who turns 102 years old on the 26 February and his next door neighbour Viv Schroeder who celebrates 92 years old, on Wednesday the 15 February.

These Moths were collected from Butler’s house in Gonubie in a 1948 Limo that was used for the past State Presidents.
On arrival at the MOTH meeting the Moths formed an arch and guard of honour for these legends to walk through.
After the meeting Mr. Bezuidenhout drove them home again .

So very kind and thoughtful to spoil these two senior birthday boys in this very special way!


MOTHS Butler van der Vyver 102 & Viv Schroeder his neighbour 92.