MOTHWA Attend Mount Memory Remembrance Parade

Remembrance Day Parade at Mount Memory

 8th November 2020

 My alarm light is flashing, I open 1 sleepy eye. 4.30a.m. . Time to get up we have to be at Flame Lily Park by 6 for Roll Call!

Today is the day we are going by bus, organized by Delmein Shellhole , to Mount Memory in the Drakensberg.

We boarded the bus and departed at 6.30.

Music and laughter filled the bus.  As we drove further out of Durban, the sky started clearing up with a  beautiful blue sky and radiant Sun shining ;  the bus was filled with laughter and music and sharing of snacks.

We arrived at our destination in Underberg at the Champagne Sports Resort.

We got off the bus and milled around having photos taken while  Moths and Mothwa collected and handed out our luncheon vouchers.

Legionnaire Peter Shattock  took photos of us with our Southern Natal  Provincial banner in the entrance to the resort.

We all went through the resort and walked quite a long way to reach the parade ground.  The sun was burning at a scorching 37 degrees .  It was a welcome relief to see umbrellas set up to give us shade and some chairs were under the trees and a table with bottled water which was really welcome.

What a beautiful view of the parade ground.  Sadly we could not see the cross as we were  informed that the cross has fallen down.

A very moving ceremony after which wreaths were laid including one from Mothwa Provincial.

After service was over, another group photo was taken and we  were joined by Monte Stanco  Mothwas Sandy Fourie and Maria Coates.

We were treated to a  delicious lunch followed by the most decadent desserts.

We departed at 2.30pm on our journey home.

A memorable  experience which every Mothwa should try to do at least once.