What a wonderful occasion to open the Monte Stanco Mothwa Shellhole on the 22/04/2017 after a 17 year absence.

Thank you to the National Lady Billie Joan Smith for all her help and assistance to get to this point. Thank you to the Provincial Lady Billie Marie Becking for being there to assist with all our queries and concerns. Thank you to Mothwa’s Zibby, Esther, Mellanie and Shirley for being there to celebrate this occasion with us.
To the Old Bill of Monte Stanco Shell​hole Danie Fourie we extended a special thanks for allowing us to use the Shellhole as our home base. To all the other Moth  who were there to share in this occasion we really appreciate your support.
To my new executive, members and prospective new Mothwa thanks for your support.

Lady Billie Sandy Fourie
Monte Stanco Mothwa Shellhole