Tray Bang


Tray Bang Shellhole Initiations


Traybang Shellhole welcomes New member Jeanette McAlister on the 5th June 2021, which took place at the Moth Cottages Hall in Bartle Road.

Lady Billie Louisa Hitchcock initiated Jeanette McAlister

We wish Mothwa member a pleasant journey with the Tray Bang Shellhole

Lady Billie Louisa Hitchcock with member Jeanette McAlister



Also, the initiation of the executive committee took place on the same day on the 5th June 2021

The members were really looking forward as to who would be elected to the Executive top table.

With bated breath everyone watched the proceeding unfold of the proposal and seconded by various members.

Lady Billie Eve de Godbeer of Odd and Sods Shellhole did the initiation.

Lady Billie Louisa Hitchcock was unanimously voted to continue as Lady Billie.

Mothwa Sueanne de Villiers replaced Lorna Calder as Deputy Lady Billie

Mothwa Samantha Anderson replaced Tracy Kavanagh as Scribe

Mothwa Helen Hitchcock replaced Sueann De Villiers as Pay Billie

Mothwa Phyllis Perkins was chosen as House Billie

Mothwa Ramona Wright was chosen as Floor Billie.

From L to R: Mothwa House Billie Phyllis Perkins, Floor Billie Ramona Wright, Pay Billie Hitchcock, Scribe Samantha Anderson, Deputy Lady Billie Sueann de Villiers, Lady Billie Louisa Hitchcock.
Front – Lady Billie Eve de Godbeer (Odd & Sods Shellhole)