New Year greetings from National Chairman Andy Boden

Wishing all Moths, Supporters, Mothwa  and their families and loved ones, the very best for 2024. Let’s ensure that 2024 is a year to be remembered because of positive improvements to our great Order. I urge you to all  live your lives, according to our 3 ideals, True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory.

There are times when we are not going to agree with certain aspects of Mothing. These should be discussed and resolved at our formal Shellhole meetings, and if need be, refered to District, Province and even the National Executive. I request you to not discuss these matters in public forums, over a beer or on Social Media as this does not do the MOTH image any good.

Interaction with other veteran organisations in South Africa is so important as we all have the same longevity issues, being, our members are all getting older. and our members all require more support than ever before. We have made the first steps to get more members and this is working well. We introduced another tier of Moth membership – The Shellhole Supporter. In the first 6 month of this MOTH year, 75 Supporters joined.

Wishing you all lots of health and happiness for 2024, and that Mothing will be fun and beneficial to all.

Yours Under the Tin Hat


Andy Boden
MOTH National Chairman