Official Opening of the ‘Charles James’ Medal Room – Warriors Gate

On Saturday 18th November 2023 during the M.O.T.H. AGM at Warriors Gate, the full M.O.T.H. National Executive, Provincial delegates, and observers present were treated to a special event at our beloved ‘Gate’, the central museum and shrine of our Order.

After a welcome and some background history by the Chairman M.O.T.H. Museums & Memorials Moth Mike Lee, M.O.T.H National Chairman Andy Boden being introduced, further relayed his gratitude and thanks on behalf of the Order to Mr. Nick Moon and family present, as well as the Charles James (Lillieshall) Trust for their generous donation, that has enabled the Museum the ability to relocate and establish a formal medal and insignia room in the smaller and original museum structured ante chamber for visitor display. Mr. Moon being the great grandson of the late Moth James.

This room being aptly renamed the “Charles James” Medal room in honour of the original donor towards the construction of Warriors Gate in 1936/7, a friend and fellow brother in arms to Moth ‘O’, and a Moth at that time, Moth Charles James of Twinkle Shellhole.

The significance of this new display in an improved consolidated layout, is to invoke visitor appreciation of the bravery and sacrifice that was recognised and awarded by Royalty, Heads of State, and high-ranking officials, to ordinary soldiers and civilians, for their commitment and duty to God and Country during times of world and local conflicts in the past century and more recent.

The M.O.T.H. Museums and Memorials committee members were also present to observe this milestone ribbon cutting ceremony, after their diligent meticulous work in assembling the medals and insignia over the weeks prior into the new display cabinets, through may long hours of commitment, for which they need to be commended.  Moth’s John Goodrich, Guilemette Grutzmcher, Gerrie Olivier (Caretaker of the Museum), and Shellhole Supporter Rhenisha Dayanand, your efforts and commitment are recognized and truly appreciated indeed, thank you on behalf of the Order.

We invite all Moth and Shellhole Supporters to make at least one trip to the Museum if able, although as you will note by now, this establishment is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of our local and international visitors, with new layouts, artifacts, and displays being presented constantly.

With an exciting year ahead in 2024, the MM&M committee plan further improvement and innovation that will place the museum squarely on the map, (and indeed highlight Mothdom), as a go to visitor destination in the greater Durban tourism offering.

Moth Mike Lee
Chairman M.O.T.H. Museums and Memorials


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