Old Bill of the Order for 2021 – 2022

MOTH General Head Quarters Congratulates


on his appointment as

Old Bill of the Order for 2021- 2022

Outgoing OBO Andre Coetsee pins incoming OBO Dup du Plessis

Moth du Plessis is one of a rare breed, that which always exudes positivity and leads by example.

Graduating as an Educator, he was actively involved in Academia until formal retirement, but he still teaches part-time at a local special-needs school.
He joined the SADF in 1964 but took time off for studies, re-joining again in 1971 and served with distinction at various units until the last, of which he commanded as a Lt-Colonel, closed in 2006.

Moth du Plessis joined the MOTH at Mafeesh Shellhole in 1985, but work commitments caused a break in service until he re-joined at Allan Wilson Shellhole in 2004.
His service to the Order has been unstinting.  He has taken on tasks and projects with great enthusiasm and tenacity, using his command and control skills to ensure a successful conclusion of these for the benefit of his comrades.

Moth Dup has, for many years, acted as the Custodian of the Garden of Remembrance in Pietermaritzburg and manages the maintenance and upkeep of that shrine which includes the world-renowned Weeping Cross. This is a mammoth project indeed, since the property requires constant care.   The property falls within the scope of the MOTH Museums & Memorial Committee and Moth Dup is an active member of that group, in which he is also very involved with ongoing maintenance projects at the Mt. Memory Shrine.
He has served on the executive body of Allan Wilson Shellhole since 2007, being elected as Old Bill twice, from 2010 to 2013 and, again, from 2014 to 2017.  During the latter term in Office, he was actively involved with the sub-division of the Shellhole property, and acted as the on-site representative of the Order to oversee the renovations to the Allan Wilson Shellhole building and surrounds.  The result of that project is a clear beacon that highlights his communication and oversight capabilities.
He has served on the Pietermaritzburg District Dugout, being District Old Bill from 2018 to date.

Moth du Plessis was co-opted to serve on the MOTH National Executive for a period between July 2019 and November 2020.  During this time, one of his allotted tasks was to translate the Constitution and General Standing Orders into Afrikaans.  This project was completed in short order and he remains the MOTH “go-to guy” for translations of all amendments to that very important file.

But Moth du Plessis’ interests go much further than the MOTH.  He has been a member of the South African Legion for almost 20 years, carrying with him the same reputation of selfless service to his Branch.

He was a qualified Provincial-level Rugby referee, and is a member of various other (bowling) clubs in the region.

He is a very keen and accomplished woodworker and cabinet-maker, and was a member of the now-defunct Pmb & District Woodworker’s Guild.

His services to the MOTH have been previously recognised, having been awarded both the Certificates of Comradeship and Excellent Service.

In consideration of the above, Moth Johan du Plessis is a most worthy member to carry the title of Old Bill of the Order for the year 2021/2022.