Opening of the Cottesloe pub – Friday 16th September 2022

After years of trying to get a liquor licence and then been struck by covid, the Moth Cottesloe Bar never had a name and was never officially opened.  A small team of residents decided to prepare for the opening namely Laurie, Marc, Glan, Len, Mary-Anne, Kim and Alwyn.  What a great job they did, spring cleaning and tidying up days before the 16th.

The 16th arrived and checking to see all was sorted.

People from all over stared arriving from 15h00, including Old Bill of Platinum, Old Bill Jimmy Frieslaar, Andre Churr – Platinum Property liaison Officer, Old Bill of West Rand District, Mike Groenewald and members from the Cottesloe Management team Richard, Andy Adrian and Mike,  visitors and residents. We cannot forget Adrian and Cathy Wilson who designed  and made the the new sign to be unveiled.    Double click on Pics to enlarge

Then at last the speeches and unveiling.

All that was left now was to enjoy the party for the rest of the evening.


Cottesloe would also like to acknowledge the following persons who donated good to Cotties Corner

  • Steak and rolls supplied by Anton Grobler and Team Amigo’s.
  • Louis from Amigo’s donated a round table.
  • Grant Mcleary and Kenny Swartz for memorabilia.
  • Marc Hayley for Ops frame and chips.
  • Laurie Claase for paper plates and serviettes.
  • Kat and Adrian Wilson for the Cotties Corner Sign