The Property Management Committee (PMC) is a combined National Body to manage and advise the MOTH Cottages Schemes, Frail Care Centres and property owning units and includes MESCA (MOTH Ex- Servicemen’s Cottage Association). The PMC is a unit of the MOTH and reports to the National Executive of the MOTH.


To provide a management function to the MOTH regarding their properties.
To manage and advise regarding cottage accommodation for eligible persons as well as frail care assistance where possible.
To provide food, meals, clothing, medical, and other amenities to eligible persons should resources permit.
To protect and advance the interests of war veterans and their kin by carrying out the benevolent activities of and ex-service character.
Moth Cottage Schemes

Within the MOTH, which includes MESCA, there are 34 cottage schemes of which one has a frail care centre, this being at Flame Lily Park at Queensburgh in Durban. Collectively the MOTH provides housing / accommodation for just over two thousand persons. The list of Cottages and addresses of the above mentioned schemes can be found on this website.

MESCA Cottages
Moth Cottages (Non Mesca)

All the housing schemes operate to provide low cost housing for older persons i.e those people who are over the age of 60. With the exception of Flame Lily Park, which has a frail care centre, MOTH housing schemes only provide accommodation for persons who are independent and are self sufficient. No nursing or other services are provided.

MOTH housing schemes are continually seeking donations to enable them to provide for extras and to fund projects. Units of the MOTH are always welcome to assist our housing units in their areas in this regard.

Available Accommodation

All MOTH homes have waiting lists of prospective tenants who are seeking accommodation. However, persons seeking accommodation should search this website under the heading “about us” on the home page and then through “Mesca and Non Mesca” where one will find the individual cottage schemes and the relevant contact numbers. This will enable prospective tenants to determine in which area the MOTH has accommodation which may match their needs.



MESCA Chairmen1973-81Moth E F Simpson
1982-88Moth J Reid
1988-90Moth F Muhl
1990-98Moth P P Stroebel
MCMC Chairmen Including MESCA1998-2000Moth F S Lurie
2000-2005Moth B S Michler
PMC including MESCANov 2005 - Nov 2019Moth B S Michler
Nov 2019 - Moth David Gush

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