Police descend on Moth Cottesloe Homes Cottages

The Fairlands area was ablaze with lots of blue flashing lights when about six police vehicles entered the gates of Cottesloe Cottages on Wednesday 18th July 2018

The residents came out in their droves to see all this unusual activity in their complex.

The residents were accustomed to seeing ambulances in their streets but not police vehicles.

The new custodians, Richard Sewell and his wife Mary-Anne were quick to quell any negative perceptions.

Yes, the police were there but for a positive reason, they came to celebrate Mandela day with the residents and brought many gifts, blankets, food, winter coats and for the drinks residents.

Two DA ward councillors were also present, Amelia Bester from the Weltervreden Park area and Beverley Weweje from the Fairlands ward, they made sure all the proceedings went well for the Fairlands branch of the South African Police Services and their supporters, which included, AfriSam, Spar, Pick n Pay and a host of unnamed sponsors.

The residents of Cottesloe were treated to a wonderful day of fun, food, gifts and interacting with the people who protect and work for them around a braai organised by the men and women in blue. Everyone received a boerewors roll to warm up the cold weather.

This is an event many will cherish in their hearts for a long time to come.

Thank you SAPS and all your supporters for a great day.