Provincial MOTH meeting held at the Assagai Shellhole

Sunday 22nd May 2016 was a typical KZN Provincial MOTH meeting being held at the Assagai Shellhole in Wentworth on the Bluff.

The Mainline District had a pretty good attendance at the meeting, what with Eric Clarence being the Old Bill of KZN Province, Luddie Vos is the Chairman of Warriors Gate and he is also the Old Bill of Mainline District. Stuart Hardie is Deputy Old Bill Mainline District, Erich Hendricks is the Administrator for Mainline, Alan Henderson is the Adj of Mainline. Here is something interesting, Clint Crawford is the Sgt Maj of Better ‘Ole, Mainline District & of the KZN Prov. Mike Lee is a relatively new moth was inducted into Better ‘Ole on Saturday 13th June 2015, was attending as a visitor and then myself Peter Shattock the Administrator for the Natal Midlands. There was 8 of Better ‘Ole of the total of 17 MOTH that were at the meeting. To top it off Stuart Hardie is holding the Mainline District Cup. This Cup is awarded to the Shellhole in the Mainline District, where there are 9 Shellholes, that does THE MOST for the MOTH, and Better ‘Ole won the cup again ! !

Many thanks – The War Correspondent

05 22 A4 KZN Prov

05 22 K Z N Province 01

05 22 K Z N Province 02

05 22 K Z N Province 03

05 22 K Z N Province 04

05 22 K Z N Province 05

05 22 K Z N Province 06