RAID Byng Boys Shellhole

My Moth friend called me up to ask if we could RAID Byng Boys Shellhole that meet at Bartle Road Moth cottages, and that they meet on the last Tuesday of the month. I had not been to that Shellhole in years and here was an opportunity to RAID them. So a quick call to another keen raiding Moth which is Skippy Michell to see if he was available, and he was ! In the Mainline District raiding is quite big as all the points (2 per raid) go towards other of the 9 functions and all points additive goes to the awarding of the Mainline Cup to the Shellhole that is awarded the most points over a 3 month period. Raiding is an ideal way of meeting other Moth and learning what they do and their possible needs. The bigger picture is to also see who may be eligible for standing on the Shellhole executive and all the way up to Province and may National. And it is great fun. Is that not what True Comradeship is all about. – The War Correspondent
Peter Leonard Shattock

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