Remembrance Parade at Mount Memory – 11th November 2023

The Annual Remembrance Ceremony held at Mount Memory, the M.O.T.H National Memorial Wall, has once again emphasized both continued Moth commitment, and highlighted growing local, provincial, and national public interest, in the relevance and importance of such a ceremony.

Moth members, Shellhole supporters, Mothwa, other veteran organization affiliated members, and spectators, seemingly arrived en masse, many by bus, and some after a long 3 hour trip from Durban, with some attendees arriving from as far afield as the Orange Free State and Gauteng, for this year’s 11th November Remembrance Ceremony.

As Moth Johann du Plessis former Old Bill of the Order (Moth 95th), and Ceremony Padre on the day expressly noted, this was the largest turn out of Moth and attendees at this ceremony he could recall after many many years of attending. And given the location, being at the Champagne Sports Resort, at the pristine world heritage site of the Drakensberg Mountains, far from any large cities and towns.

The Ceremony keynote address presented by the then serving 2023 Old  Bill of the Order Moth Brian Coward, and on behalf of the M.O.T.H National Executive was well received in stifling conditions, which is common for the area at this time of year, and completed with a 2 minute silence, with perfect timing, exactly 11am on the 11th November, bringing more meaning to the occasion.

The traditional March through the Resort “main foyer” was well received by hotel management, guests, and spectators alike, with many clapping and cheering on the formed ranks of Moth, Shellhole supporters, Mothwa, and affiliated veteran organizationspresent, all marching in unison.

No words expressed can once again thank the Champagne Sports Resort and their Management, who have supported this ceremony and Founders day ceremonies held in May, by supplying seating, shades, tables, lectern, tablecloths, bottled water, EMRS standby, but most importantly, the 5 star delicious lunch and desserts prepared at a significantly reduced affordable fee. Thank you. To the MOTH Museums & Memorials committee, particularly Shellhole Supporter Rhinesha, who together plan, prep, organise, and provide support on the day, my heartfelt thanks indeed once again, task well executed.

By remembering their service and their sacrifice, we recognise the tradition of freedom they fought to preserve. They believed that their actions in the present would make a significant difference for the future, it is up to us however to ensure that their dream of peace is realised. On Remembrance Day, we acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who served our country, and accept our responsibility to work for the peace they fought hard to achieve. For Moth and all veterans that have since answered the sunset call. We will remember them.