Remembrance Parades in Johannesburg under East Rand

The following parades will occur under the direct auspices of the East Rand District:


11th November 2016

The Shadow march at the War Museum, Saxonwold. This will be in conjunction with West Rand District

Time 18H00 for 18H30.


13th November 2016

The Remembrance Parade at Reveille Shellhole, Benoni

Time 10H00 for 10H30.


13th November 2016

The Mayors Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph, Johannesburg. This will also be in conjunction with West Rand District

Time is 13H30 for 14H20


There are various other parades being held across JHB and PTA, but I have highlighted the ones where we need the most representation.


I would like to urge all members to attend as many of the parades as possible especially the Mayor’s parade as it is an opportunity to promote the MOTH. Without our presence, the parade fails. Let us try and replicate the great support we had at the Dellville Wood Parade earlier this year. It has been running for over 90 years and is one of the few events that is on Television and the entire parade is transmitted on radio 2000.


It is in the spirit of Remembrance and the 3 MOTH ideals that we partake to remember those that went before.