Savannah Christmas Tree – 2017

Moth Savannah Shellhole hosted its 3 Christmas tree at Dickie Frits, nd what a success. Over 100 children supported by plenty of parents. A big thank you to Robin and Debbie Starkey who where the main organisers and who drive this project each year. Also thanks to Dickie Frits for the use of the premises and of course, Father Christmas who always goes down very well, and this year was no exception.

The team arrived at 8h00 to start setting up, lots of wok to be done. Had to set up Christmas Tree, set up tables with snack for Kids, blow up 100 odd balloons, set up food stall for Hot dogs and Prego Rolls, and of course a beer garden

At 10h00 hours the face painter arrived joined by the Balloon man. The kids loved the this and most had some fancy art works done to their faces and arms. The balloon man made dogs, guns and little monkeys for the shoulder, and many items to entertain the kids. While this was happening, food stalls sold great food and great craft beer, purchased from Brew Hogs.

Then at 11:30 the Balloon man then doubled up as a Magician and entertain both young nd old. Many Grannies and Grandpa’s could be seen with their grandchildren, having a ball.

A moth function without bag pipes, never ever. The Sa Irish entertained us, and this was really enjoyed by all. But when is Father Christmas coming.

Now the kids were restless, and we tasked to find father Christmas which they did. He was not happy about been woken up while having his Saturday snooze.

Father Christmas came and went. The rest of the afternoon was spend relaxing and generally having a good time.

Moth Savannah Shellhole thanks all of those who joined us for the fun day, and to those Savannah guys and there wives who assisted, thanks very much – see you in 2018.